Nassau County Joins Assemblyman Kaminsky in North Woodmere Park Cleanup

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Nassau County residents joined Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky on Nov. 8 to clean up North Woodmere Park.

The cleanup was headed by Kaminsky in an effort to beautify the park and its surround area, wetlands and waterways. More than two dumpster’s worth of garbage was removed, not only preserving the area’s aesthetic beauty, but also making it safer for people and animals alike.

“North Woodmere Park and its surrounding community is one of the hallmarks of my district and it is our collective responsibility to ensure its cleanliness, safety and ecological well-being,” said Kaminsky, a member of the Assembly’s Committee on Environmental Conservation. “It was incredible to see so many residents take time out of their busy day to help keep the community and environment clean and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.”

The assemblyman put together the cleanup after hearing from Woodmere resident Adam Brozik that the park and its surrounding ecosystem could use some assistance. Kaminsky partnered with local organizations, including Five Towns Kiwanis, Five Towns Community Chest, National Council of Jewish Women — Peninsula Section, Temple Hillel of North Woodmere and Operation SPLASH to help coordinate the cleanup. In addition, United Water donated bags, gloves and water to those who participated in the effort.

“What an amazing day,” Captain Tommy Asher of Operation SPLASH said. “This is what happens when government works well with a non-profit organization like Operation SPLASH. You retrieve over 8 yards of plastics from our beloved, protected wetlands and away from our wildlife. Outstanding day.”

President of the Kiwanis Club of the Five Towns Tom Cohen commended Assemblyman Kaminsky’s call to help clean up the North Woodmere Park. “As president, I was honored to serve alongside my fellow club members Ponte Teramo and Izzy Mayo, and I look forward to working on similar projects in the future.”

Kenneth Fink, the president of Temple Hillel of North Woodmere, added: “As a lifelong resident of North Woodmere, I can’t thank Assemblyman Kaminsky enough for recognizing a need at the park and mobilizing the community to do something positive to address that need.”

11/09/2015 3:40 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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