Israel Ambassador Dermer’s Holiday Gift


Israel’s Ambassador to the United States is sending holiday gifts which include goods and products made from across the Green line. The European Union has recently issued labeling on Israeli products made in the Golan, East Jerusalem and the from the West Bank.

In his Twitter message, Ambassador Dermer said,” This holiday season, I decided to send a gift that would also combat the latest effort by Israel’s enemies to destroy the one and only Jewish state. That effort is called the BDS Movement…The main forces behind this movement are fanatics who actively seek to eliminate Israel. Unfortunately , they are occasionally joined by fools who naively believe that in promoting BDS, they are advancing peace between Israeli’s and Palestinians”

Dermer says that regardless of their reasons for supporting BDS they are supporting anti-Semitism and that Israel is being singled out and held to a different standard than other nations. Of the more than 200 international territorial disputes only Israel has been singled out. Dermer’s gift packages include products made in Judea, Samaria and The Golan Heights.

One of the biggest BDS supporters is Roger Waters of former Pink Floyd fame. Waters continuously exhorts musical acts not to perform in Israel. Recently he wrote to Jon Bon Jovi that by performing in Israel he was ‘standing shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby’. Bon Jovi performed to 60000 fans in Tel Aviv and had no interest in Water’s comments. At the concert he introduced a new song entitled “We Dont’t Run’ saying that this should be the fight song for Tel Aviv.

When the Rolling Stones announced their concert dates in 2014, the Palestinian arm for BDS urged the band to “refrain from playing in apartheid Israel’. The campaigners asked “Why would you perform in a country that is so deeply involved in war crimes and human rights violations?” The Stones proceeded to rock Tel Aviv. Elton John will be performing in May.

The BDS movement was founded in 2005 by 171 Palestinian NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations). The goal of BDS is to apply international pressure on Israel through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in order to advance Palestinian goals to end the Israeli occupation and colonization of Palestinian land and the Right of Return of Palestinians into Israel. The movement promotes the delegitimization of Israel. The Black Lives Matter movement is a supporter of BDS likening Ferguson, MO with Palestine.The Black Lives Matter Movement issued a statement signed by more than 1000 black activists, scholars, artists, politicians and students proclaiming their solidarity and commitment to the Palestinian struggle.

The official BDS website in November proudly states, ” Popular Palestinian Resistance enters second month…this uprising is led by a generation of fearless young Palestinian Davids who are no longer intimidated by the Israeli Goliath”. To date there have been over 120 stabbings, 75 fire bomb and or grenade attacks, 48 shootings, 30 vehicular attacks , 271 wounded and 21 deaths of Israelis.

Ambassador Dermer, a native of Miami Beach said that he hoped his gifts were enjoyed, “May you and your family enjoy a New year of health and Happiness” he wrote.

12/23/2015 8:38 AM by Sam Gluck

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