Senator Elizabeth Warren: ‘It’s Up to All of Us To Stop @realDonaldTrump’

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“Let’s be honest,” Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote on Monday, “Donald Trump is a loser.”

With one Facebook post and a flurry of tweets, Warren took down Trump in a fierce tirade using his own favorite word. Listing off his failed businesses, bankruptcies and questionable financial decisions, Warren concluded: “Trump seems to know he’s a loser.”

But she wasn’t flaying him only to flay him — she was sending out a social media wake-up call.

“Just because Trump is a loser everywhere else doesn’t mean he’ll lose this election,” she wrote, explaining that Donald Trump – as a representative of hatred, sexism, racism and xenophobia – could stand to tear the country apart.

“Many of history’s worst authoritarians started out as losers – and Trump is a serious threat. The way I see it, it’s our job to make sure he ends this campaign every bit the loser that he started it.”

This isn’t Warren’s first warning about Trump: last week, Warren called on “Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, vegetarians — everybody” in another post, saying there’s “a history of people staying quiet for too long, hoping for the best but watching silently as the threat metastasizes.”

03/21/2016 5:50 PM by Leila Roos

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