Russia Criticizes Britain’s Human Rights Report As Biased and Hypocritical

Photo credit: Ria Novosti / AFP / Alexei Nikolsky

Russia lashed out at the British Foreign Press Office’s report on human rights on Wednesday as interference in Russian affairs, as well as delusional and biased.

In a news briefing, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that England should stop criticizing Russia’s human rights record and focus on issues such as war crimes allegedly perpetrated by British soldiers in Iraq.

Zakharova blasted the report as “an example of colossal hypocrisy. To claim the role of a teacher, you have to have, if not an impeccable, then at least a more or less decent reputation. And London’s reputation, to be honest and fair, is badly tarnished.”

According to the report, Russia’s state-controlled media “overwhelmingly emphasized a pro-government narrative.”

“Although space for independent media continued to exist,” the report acknowledged, “most notably online, a small number of individuals faced criminal prosecution for posting critical comments.”

The report also claimed that human rights had severely deteriorated in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea due to Russia’s involvement there.

04/27/2016 3:50 PM by Menachem Rephun

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