American Jewish Congress Praises Clintons for Supporting Israel and Opposing BDS

Photo via The President, First Lady, and Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvannia Avenue on Inauguration day.

American Jewish Congress President Jack Rosen issued a statement on Wednesday, praising former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for their support of Israel.

Former President Clinton defended his and his wife’s record on Israel in response to a heckler at a political rally last week. Secretary Clinton issued a press statement criticizing the boycott, divestment and sanctions‎ movement as the United Methodist Church’s moved to pass a resolution — which ultimately failed — in boycotting Israel. 

 In his statement, Rosen described the Clintons as a consistently strong ally to Israel.

“History will always recall President Clinton’s determined efforts to establish a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians during his time in the White House,” Rosen said.

Regarding Clinton’s response at the Rally,  Rosen said he was “very impressed with Mr. Clinton’s candor, responding with substantive and genuine answers.”

Rosen commended Clinton for “reminding the world of the dire tactics used by Hamas in Gaza — using its own citizens as human shields — so often forgotten by proponents of BDS.”

Regarding Hillary Clinton’s press statement denouncing BDS, Rosen said it could “not have come at a more vital juncture, as the United Methodist Church voted on pro-BDS resolutions over the weekend. It was a bold decision for Clinton to critique the parent organization of her own religion in defense of the Jewish State’s right to self-determination.”

Rosen added that the American Jewish Congress has been appealing to the United Methodist Church for months to disavow BDS resolutions put forth by its members.

“In one fell swoop,Secretary Clinton was able to help put the issue to rest,” he added. “We thank the Clintons for standing up for what is right and defending Israel.”


05/18/2016 2:32 PM by Menachem Rephun

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