CUNY Staffers Agree to New Labor Union Contract

Photo via Flickr creative commons Jeffrey Zeldman (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

City University of New York staff voted to approve a new union contract Thursday, with 94% of voting members ratifying the agreement, which was unofficially agreed upon in June.

The new labor agreement includes a 10.41% increase in salaries, job security and health provisions for adjunct professors. New employees will also receive a $1,000 signing bonus and back pay, which was more than three times the amount of back pay offered by CUNY, after CUNY faculty and professional staff worked six years without a raise.

“Thanks to our militant membership the union was able to secure funding for back pay and wrest substantial gains out of CUNY management,” Professional Staff Congress (PSC) President Barbara Bowen said in a statement. “A 94 percent vote for ratification demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of members know that the contract they fought for will make a real difference in their professional lives and in their ability to serve CUNY students.”

Bowen added that the new contract is a step in advancing a vision that the PSC has in offering first-rate education for the state’s working people.

Governor Andrew Cuomo applauded the contract agreements.

“With these negotiations now in the past, both parties can move forward and work to expand educational opportunity for all New Yorkers and develop the next generation of leaders that will carry this state forward,” he said.

08/05/2016 12:13 PM by Chris Cruz

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