British Schoolgirl Who Left U.K. To Join ISIS Has Died, Family Lawyer Confirms

A British school girl who left the United Kingdom to join ISIS in Syria has died, according to a Thursday interview on British news station ITN with her family lawyer.

In the interview, attorney Tasnime Akunjee said that the family of 17-year-old Kadiza Sultana desperately tried to bring her back to the U.K. before learning of her death in Raqqa several weeks ago. Sultana was one of three who left London in February 2015 to join ISIS (Islamic State), a disturbing phenomenon among many disaffected European youth.

In 2014, Austrian teenagers Sabina Selimovic and Samra Kesinovic defected to join ISIS in Syria, and were reportedly forced to become brides for ISIS fighters. Kesinovic was reportedly beaten to death after attempting to escape Raqqa.

“It’s no less than any family member would have done for their own child,” Akunjee said in the interview regarding Sultana. “You’d move heaven and earth to try to bring your kids back from any danger zone and this family had made every effort and stretched every sinew to try and have their daughter – their sibling – back home.”

Akunjee acknowledged that Sultana’s death was always a possibility as a consequence of being in a war zone.

“The longer that they’re in that danger zone, the more likely that the risk can catch up with you,” Akunjee was quoted as saying in the interview. “Unfortunately it just wasn’t possible to have her home before the risk caught up with her.”

08/12/2016 1:56 PM by Menachem Rephun

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