Anti-Semitic Message Found At Massachusetts High School Being Investigated By Police

The students from the German high school. Hitler mustaches and Nazi armbands. Credit: Israel Hayom.

Police are investigating an anti-Semitic message found on the softball field at Marblehead High School in Marblehead, Massachusetts, according to The Boston Globe Thursday.

The message, which read “Jews did 9/11,” was found on August 18, after the school’s principal reported a rock being thrown through his office window, Marblehead Police Chief Robert Picariello said. An officer was informed of the anti-Semitic message by a custodian while inspecting the shattered window. The message was apparently scratched into the dirt with a rake.

The incident remains under investigation.

“This type of attack warrants condemnation by the entire community,” the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s New England office wrote in a statement Wednesday. “We remain extremely concerned by the surge in anti-Semitic incidents this year, especially in schools, and will continue to partner with local communities, schools districts and law enforcement.”

Anyone with relevant information is asked to contact Marblehead Police at 781-631-1212, Picariello said.

08/25/2016 7:08 PM by Menachem Rephun

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