Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out For Protests Against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro


Hundreds of thousands took part in protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas Thursday, calling for an end to the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. Demanding a recall referendum, the protesters chanted “This government will fall,” according to a Thursday report by Reuters.

At least 1 million people were estimated to have taken part in the protests by the Democratic Unity coalition, Venezuela’s opposition party.

“We are going to bring down Maduro!” Naty Gutierrez, a 53-year-old protester, was quoted as saying at the rally.

At a smaller rally of supporters, Maduro, the successor to late president Hugo Chavez, remained defiant.

“Today we’ve defeated a coup attempt that sought to fill Venezuela and Caracas with violence and death,” Maduro said at the event. “We’re still looking for several criminals that paid to massacre the people.”

09/01/2016 5:32 PM by Menachem Rephun

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