Anti-Semitic Author Christoper Bollyn to Speak in Brooklyn

Rubble from 9/11 attack.

One of the most outspoken anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Christopher Bollyn, will speak at the Brooklyn Commons Tuesday night.

Bollyn was one of the first to suggest that Israel and Jews were behind the attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

In a Nation of Islam Group research report, Bollyn said that “The best evidence tying Israel to the 9/11 atrocity is the fact that the key people involved in every aspect of the crime and the cover-up are Israelis and Zionists, from A to Z.”

Going further, Bollyn said that “the one-hundred percent consistency of Zionists and Israelis throughout the 9/11 saga provides compelling evidence that the crime is a Zionist/Israeli crime.”

Bollyn’s book “Solving 9/11: The Deception That Change the World” articulated his theories. He plans to speak more in depth at the Brooklyn Commons, though multiple organizations connected to the venue spoke out against his ideas.

“As organizations that work out of the Brooklyn Commons, we reject the antisemitic politics of Christopher Bollyn,”  the organizatons said in a statement.

The organizations added that they “Do not have any say in event booking and management at the Commons but agree that such politics should have no place in leftist spaces.”

09/08/2016 9:00 AM by Joyce Chu

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