Boro Park Business Owners Share Different Views About the Debate

Local business Owner

Raising the minimum wage and seeing more Trump were some of the thoughts conveyed by local business owners about tonight’s presidential debate.

Raffi Goldstein, the manager of 1982 Coffee Roaster’s on 55th Street, said he plans to watch the debate and hopes they talk about the economy, increasing minimum wage to $15, raising taxes on the wealthy and giving tax cuts to small business owners.

He admitted he was a big Bernie Sanders fan, so neither Trump nor Clinton stand out to him.

“I will be voting on down the ballot candidates, but I really don’t support Hillary or Donald Trump,” he said.

Goldstein stressed that the moderator Lester Holt of NBC needs to fact check Trump tonight.

“It’s amazing that he’s been able to get this far,” he remarked.

Meanwhile Cindy Gottlieb and Ellie Basher of Teacher’s Edition on 18th Ave. differ a bit from Goldstein about the debate. Gottlieb feels one can never get enough Trump and Basher is undecided on who to vote for until he learns more about how they feel about Israel.

“I like him (Trump) a lot,” Gottlieb said. “I like his assertiveness. He’s no non-sense. He says it like it is. He’s not looking to impress.”

One person who views the election as satire is Aaron, a resident of Boro Park, who was buying breakfast at Yossi’s on 53rd Street. He does not support a candidate and thinks a president will not change this country.

“I believe God rules the world,” Aaron said. “They’re just dummies. It does not matter who the dummy is. It is cute.”

09/26/2016 12:40 PM by Jason Cohen

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