Man Caught Stealing Williamsburg Mail with Mousetrap

Polanco  was arrested by the NYPD (Photo: JP).

In 2016, with text and the internet ascendant as the dominant form of personal communication, few people get excited about their mail. Tavito Polanco is different. He wanted mail so badly that he’s appearing in court Wednesday for stealing it using a mousetrap.

A Williamsburg Shomrim volunteer called the NYPD on Friday, September 23, in the early morning. He’d spotted Polanco, 21, acting suspiciously at the intersection of Hewes Street and Marcy Avenue.

Once the NYPD responded to the scene, they determined that Polanco had attached a mousetrap to a leash, then, after adding a bottle for a handle, dropped the mousetrap down a mailbox. The glue from the mousetrap would pick up the letters inside, and he wouldn’t have to physically break the box, so no one would be the wiser.

Polanco wasn’t just recovering birthday cards, either. When Polanco was apprehended with his girlfriend, Melanie Cortes, police recovered checks worth more than $1,000, birth certificates, and other documents, all hidden underneath Cortes’s clothing.

Polanco was charged with Criminal Tampering, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglar’s Tools, and both Grand and Petit Larceny.

09/28/2016 4:20 PM by David Kinzer

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