Pair Who Hung Pro-Putin Banner on Brooklyn Bridge Caught on Video

A mysterious pro-Putin banner appeared today. (Photo:Twitter/Kathryn Peters)

It took the duo who hung the pro-Putin banner on the Brooklyn Bridge pretty long to do so, but no one bothered calling police.

The two men who put up the pro-Putin banner Thursday afternoon on the Brooklyn Bridge just one day before Putin’s 65th birthday were caught on surveillance video which investigators are now using in an attempt to identify them, JP has learned.

The video shows two men walking to the bridge with the sign in the hand and putting it up towards the Manhattan side of the bridge, it took the two men over an half hour to get the banner in place but no one bothered calling 911, a NYPD official who was briefed on the investigation said.

As soon as a witness called the police, the emergency service unit responded and removed it, the official added. Investigators will most likely collect more videos from the neighborhood that may show the pair coming and going.

In a related incident, on Friday morning, a 34 year-old tourist from France identified as Nicolas Guittartd was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment for walking in a restricted area of the breach while taking photos police said.

10/07/2016 3:20 PM by Mark Hirshberg

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