CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Sanitation Worker Shatters Bulb at Borough Park Family Home, Sticks Family with Fine


Sanitation workers are supposed to take away our garbage, not create more of it, but a Borough Park man found out last week that’s not always the case. Now, because of sanitation worker’s misdeeds, he’s dealing with a big fine on top of a huge mess.

The man spoke to JP on condition that he not be named, as he is afraid of reprisal for speaking out.

The whole fiasco began during Rosh Hashanah. Apparently, someone–the man is not sure who–put fluorescent bulbs in his garbage can in front of his house at the intersection of 19th Avenue and 59th Street. When workers came to pick up the garbage early Monday morning, they disposed of the bulbs in a rather unexpected manner.

“Instead of doing anything normal, they tossed them into my grass and shattered the two bulbs on my property,” the man said.

What’s more, the workers were caught on surveillance footage destroying the glass and leaving it behind. JP has acquired the exclusive footage, which you can see below:

Matters worsened on Friday, when an inspector issued a summons with a $100 fine for the mess that the man had no part in creating.

During this entire time, the man was away from his home for the holiday. He returned Sunday to a lawn covered in shattered glass and the $100 fine.

He’s now asking for the city to remedy the affair, first by picking up the glass and then by dismissing the ticket.

The sanitation department did not respond to our request for comment at this time.

10/09/2016 6:03 PM by David Kinzer

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