Israel’s Only Concern with Clinton? Obama

Israeli officials reportedly have a good relationship with Hillary Clinton (Photo: AFP/ Timothy A. Clary)

Email correspondence released by Wikileaks over the weekend sheds new light on Israeli attitudes toward Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The emails generally indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feels positively about a Clinton presidency. For instance, an email from former U.S. diplomat Stuart Eizenstat says that Netanyahu has a “surprising good relationship” with Clinton and considers her “easy to work with.”

The Eizenstat emails goes on to compare a Clinton White House to a “Saban Forum,” a pro-Israel gathering hosted by Israeli billionaire Haim Saban. Saban is also a major Clinton donor.

The main concern for Israel about Clinton isn’t about Clinton herself but current president Barack Obama, who has a famously testy relationship with Netanyahu. The fear from Israel is that Clinton might employ multiple Obama staffers who will perpetuate current attitudes.

Other emails detail Clinton’s efforts to distance herself from the Iran deal, negotiations for which she began but which were completely by her successor at the State Department, John Kerry.

Clinton has since been adamant that the Iran deal is just a temporary “lid” on Iran’s nuclear aspirations and that a permanent solution is still necessary.

10/09/2016 4:40 PM by David Kinzer

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