America’s Internet Attack Foreshadows Israel’s Future

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On Friday, The United States, mostly the east coast, and some parts of Europe faced one the biggest coordinated and sophisticated hacking attacks to date, according to many IT analysts. This attack, which is still currently under investigation, sets the stage for the kind of battles that Israel will be fighting in the coming years.

Though Israel’s military computers are well protected, according to Haaretz, their civilian and commercial infrastructure is still quite vulnerable. This is especially concerning, since these latest attacks primarily effected private enterprises.

While the United States government hasn’t confirmed any specific agency behind these cyber attacks, as Haaretz reports, a top suspect is Russia. Hacking wars between countries could be the future of war. Israel has already experienced such a fight during their last war in the Gaza strip involving hacking.

Haaretz reported that Israeli cyber security experts warn that “the success of such an attack depends on the recruitment of a sufficiently large mass of attackers and targeting the “internet of things” – that is, internet-connected household devices, rather than computers.”

Rival countries of Israel may have interest in launching a cyber-attack against the Jewish state, but not against the government, rather civilian infrastructures. Haaretz explains that cyber attacks are more attractive to potential enemies because they are cheaper, harder to trace and more devastating without causing civilian deaths.

10/23/2016 12:24 PM by Joshua C.

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