GOP District Leader R’ Nachman Caller: ‘We Must Vote for Donald Trump’

Rabbi Nachman Caller

Rabbi Nachman Caller believes that family and marriage hang in the balance in this election cycle. As an Orthodox Jew, he is calling other Jews to support Republican candidates in order to preserve the sanctity of marriage and life. A dominant democratic-controlled Congress and Supreme Court could affect the issues that the Rabbi believes as key. 

When asked if he still supports Trump even after the assaults Trump made towards women, Rabbi Caller responded with his belief that the family structure is at stake in this election. Also pertinent is Trump’s stance on providing funds for private and religious schools.

“Trump is a regular old-fashioned American and recognizes the centrality of the family and marriage between a man and a woman,” the Rabbi stated. “He still represents the old way of life. He opposes abortion and has said he will try to make America great again, restoring family as the cornerstone as society. He also supports school choice and gives religious institutions a chance to exist.”

At the end of the day, Rabbi Caller asserts that it’s not so much the person he is supporting, but the ideologies behind the person and the party that he’s putting his vote towards.

Read his letter here, urging all to vote:

Dear friends, as our election day quickly approaches, I would like to encourage every registered voter, Democratic, Republican, Independent, to come out and vote.

Never in the recent history of our country were the American people presented with such poor choices for president. The Democrats have nominated a candidate that has so much baggage and will be the subject of criminal investigations and congressional inquiries for years to come. The Republicans have nominated a surprise candidate who doesn’t lead a model personal lifestyle.

Our Orthodox Jewish Community has a duty and obligation to vote in a manner which will promote religious and moral beliefs and will influence the American people to conduct their lives in accordance with moral values, the responsibility of all mankind.

This is the week that we will read Parshas Noach when God brought the deluge (MABUL)  to wipe out all of the inhabitants (except  Noach) from the face of the earth because the human beings descended into the depths of depravity.

Our formerly great country, which had moral values–strong marriages and families— has been taken on a path of destruction by left-wing ideology. This has destroyed the institution of marriage and has sanctioned the murder of unborn children.

It is the duty and obligation of our Jewish community to influence the American people to halt the descent to depravity by voting for candidates that will not destroy the moral fabric of society.

I, as most people in our community, was a registered as a Democrat for many years. I changed my party affiliation when the New York State legislature enacted the Marriage Equality Law, which destroyed the institution of marriage. This bill was vehemently opposed by our community. This was passed by the Democrats over the objection by most Republican legislators.

I changed my party affiliation to Republican so that I could run for the New York State Senate against the Democratic state senator who spearheaded the enactment of the law.  Since 2010, I have been very active in  supporting candidates who share our moral beliefs. I was successful in helping in the election of Republican Bob Turner for congress and Republican David Storobin for New York State Senate.

I am the Republican District Leader of this area in Brooklyn, home to the largest Orthodox Jewish population in the country. I supported Donald Trump in the New York primary, which resulted in his Republican nomination. I successfully secured the nomination of Phil Rosenthal as the Republican candidate for Congress and was instrumental in securing the Republican nominations for the state legislators representing our community— Simcha Felder for State Senate and Dov Hikind for Assembly.

Our community must make its voice heard loudly and clearly. We must vote for Donald Trump and all of the Republicans on the ballot. A victory by left-wing Democrats in this election will be devastating for the future of America because they will appoint Supreme Court nominees who will hasten the demise of the American society.

In the last two presidential elections over 75 percent of our community voted against Barack Obama. The election of a Democratic president will be a continuation of Barack Obama. Our community must express our opposition to the way of life espoused by the left-wing Democrats, and vote for Donald Trump.

You should also utilize the opportunity to elect our local candidates, Simcha Felder and Dov Hikind on the Republican party line.

R’ Nachman C. Caller Esq.

November 1, 2016

11/01/2016 7:00 AM by Joyce Chu

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