What Do Scientists Think About the Trump Presidency?

Richard Dawkins [Wikimedia]


Scientific America recently published a piece that allowed scientists to share their opinion regarding Trump’s victory in taking the White House. It’s no secret that Trump, the Republican party and their voters have never been shy about expression their ‘anti-scientific’ views about the world, whether it be calling climate change a Chinese Hoax, or questioning the legitimacy of vaccinations. Most recently, Trump’s anti-science position has threatened the Paris Agreement as well as the EPA’s standards and regulations regarding pollution and the environment. 

You can check out the full article here. But to get a quick overview, SA summed up their position on Trump as saying “Trump’s views on science, health and medicine appear unformed at best, ignorant and destructive at worst.”

The article starts by referring to Evolutionary Scientist Richard Dawkins, who has made a career going after the right-wing, anti-science movement, particularly those who doubt the claims that humans evolved.

Dawkins writes:

Science in both countries will be hit extremely hard: In the one case, by the xenophobically inspired severing of painstakingly built-up relationships with European partners; in the other case by the election of an unqualified, narcissistic, misogynistic sick joke as president. In neither case is the disaster going to be short-lived: in America because of the nonretirement rule of the Supreme Court; in Britain because Brexit is irreversible.


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Lawrence Krauss [Wikipedia]
Famed physicist Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University writes:

The president-elect has expressed disinterest or disdain for the results of scientific analyses relevant for public policy, and the vice president–elect has been an open enemy of science.

It remains to be seen how this will play out, but a Republican congress seems unlikely to put many checks on this.



Michael Shermer [Wikimedia]
However, Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptic Magazine took a more hopeful stance and doesn’t see Trump’s presidency leading to apocalypse. He states:

“Stay calm everyone. We have a strong republic that will continue growing stronger. We have lots of checks and balances in place to prevent any extreme actions taken by anyone, and as Pres. Obama has been reiterating this past year to those pessimists who think things are bad and getting worse, this is and will continue to be the best time there has ever been to be alive.”


Regardless of the different views that are being held about the future of Donald Trump’s presidency, the truth is that in the United States there exist a scientific literacy education gap, the only question is will Trump bridge this gap or widen it?

According to this meme, here is the state of scientific literacy in the United States.


Meme about Science Literacy [CW Brown]


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