Amid Anti-Trump Protests, One Black Man Stands for Trump

Calvin Hunt stands with his son outside of Trump Tower on Nov. 16, 2016. [Joyce Chu]
Calvin Hunt stands with his son outside of Trump Tower on Nov. 16, 2016. [Joyce Chu]

The country has been in a volatile state since last week’s election. Thousands of people took to the streets and gathered at Trump Towers today in New York to demonstrate against Donald Trump’s presidency.

Amidst the riots, one man has made it his mission to stand for Trump. Calvin Hunt stood near Trump Tower on the other side of the street holding a sign that said “Trump is our president” while his 9-year-old son stood next to him with a sign that said “Hillary for prison.”

“Did Obama bring change? Hell no! Did he bring hope? Hell no!” Hunt said. “All he did was give out free phones and food stamps. This is coming to you from black America.”

“Nothing’s changed in our lives,” he continued. “We don’t have jobs and we still got high unemployment. The reality is come January, he swears in and he becomes our president. So stop protesting, it doesn’t make a difference. He’s our president. He’s got to go against Russia. Thank God he’s already have some ties with Putin. Hillary, they don’t like Hillary.”

Soon, circles formed around Hunt as people came both to take pictures with him and to debate with him. “Stop this!” a passerby stated. “His (Trump’s) rhetoric is wrong. He’s dividing people. Let’s come together. The Russians aren’t the problem. It’s us that’s the problem.”

“Blacks supported Donald Trump, but you don’t hear none of that,” Hunt continued. “A lot of people voted for Donald trump. But when they came out (in the polls) they would say, “I voted for Hillary.”

Contrary to Hunt’s statements, only 8 percent of blacks voted for Trump. Clinton actually won the popular vote and garnered almost one million more voters than Trump did. Trump may have won the electoral college that led him into victory, but a greater number of Americans actually supported Hillary.

When JP Updates asked Hunt about the slew of hate crimes that have erupted after the election—including multiple anti-semitic incidents at the New School— Hunt believed that Trump played no part.

“We highlight it now because he’s president,” Hunt said. “But racism has been here for a long time. Look at Eric Garner’s death. Trump wasn’t president when Eric Garner got choked. He wasn’t there when there was black on black violence in Chicago. He has nothing to do with that. This racism has been there long before Trump got here. Nobody has a right to complain but black people.”

“Trump will help because he’s going to be president,” Hunt continued. “We have no other choice. He could help because he’s in the Republican Party. They could pass bills that will go all the way through. It won’t be like Obama who had his hands tied. Let’s give him  a chance. Black people gave Obama a chance and we got shaken. He did nothing for black folks.”

Quietly, Hunt admitted that he did like Obamacare.

“Obamacare did some things, and I hope he (Trump) keeps it. It just needs a tweak,” Hunt said.

11/16/2016 3:34 PM by Joyce Chu

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