Former Cuomo Aide to Leave Port Authority

Cuomo associates were charged with corruption Thursday (Photo: Zach Seward).
Cuomo’s appointee is leaving the Port Authority [Zach Seward]


Cohen is a longtime associate of Cuomo [linkedin]
Cohen is a longtime associate of Cuomo [linkedin]

Port Authority Vice-chair Steve Cohen, a former Gov. Andrew Cuomo aid, has been absent at today’s executive Port Authority meetings, and Politico is reporting today that it’s not a cold keeping him from the office. Instead, Cohen is planning to resign.

The move appears to be a nuclear-response to a fight inside the Port Authority, regarding a new bus terminal on Manhattan’s West Side. Essentially, the New Jersey faction want to spend more money on the terminal and the New York faction, represented by Cohen and others, wants to spend less. The whole fight is delaying the Port Authority’s 10-year capital plan, which should have been ready by the end of 2016 but likely won’t be finished until next year at the earliest.

Cohen served Cuomo as council when Cuomo was attorney general, then once Cuomo won the governorship, Cohen became his secretary and right-hand man. He stepped down in 2011 and went into private practice before being appointed to the Port Authority in May of this year. It’s unclear where he will go next, though if he wants to keep working with the Cuomo administration, it appears that there will be no shortage of work to do before 2018, or 2020.

11/17/2016 12:30 PM by David Kinzer

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