Former ADL Director Pulls from ZOA Dinner

Former ADL Director Abe Foxman (left) pulls out of the ZOA dinner Sunday. [Flickr]


The rift between the Zionists of America (ZOA) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) continued Thursday. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, former National Director of the ADL Abraham Foxman pulled out from Sunday’s ZOA gala dinner because the event allegedly promoted him attending without his permission.

“ZOA manipulated and abused my trust when they announced my decision to attend without my permission because they have politicized this event,” Foxman said in a statement Wednesday. “My intention was solely to be in attendance to honor Bernie Marcus, and not to make any political statement.”

He had originally planned to go as a private citizen to show support for his friend, Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of who Home Depot who is being honored. He wanted no part of the battle between the two organizations.

This week, the ZOA ripped the ADL for not supporting Donald Trump’s new chief strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon, who is set to be at the dinner, may cause a ripple in the evening, but ZOA President Mort Klein strongly disagrees with his assertion that he did not know Bannon would be there.

“He knew Bannon was going to be there,” Klein said. “He lied and says we misled him. What did we mislead? [Bannon] asked me if he could come, I said OK.”

11/18/2016 11:30 AM by Jason Cohen

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