What if Trump Is Actually the First Jewish President?

Wayne Allyn Root spoke at the 2013 FreedomFest [Gage Skidmore]
Wayne Allyn Root spoke at the 2013 FreedomFest [Gage Skidmore]
Many in the Jewish community feel unhappy with President-elect Donald Trump, particularly his appointment of Steve Bannon to a White House-staffing position, as Bannon and his company Breitbart News have been linked to anti-Semitism in the past.

However, Wayne Allyn Root, the Jewish author of “White Angry Male” and a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, sees Donald Trump differently.

In fact, Root claims that Donald Trump may be America’s first Jewish president in a post for Fox News.

Of course, Trump’s isn’t literally Jewish, though his daughter Ivanka is, so Root’s argument is similar to the one Toni Morrison made in the 90s about Bill Clinton being America’s first black president.

The idea is that Trump is culturally Jewish, from his business affairs to his personal life. “Donald is your typical Jewish parent,” Root writes. “Donald’s children are all Ivy League graduates- just like my daughter who recently graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.”

Root says that Trump has chutzpah, a strong work-ethic, and a love of Israel. He also highlights Trump’s relentless spirit, though that point carries a pungent whiff of self-promotion. “Jews are relentless fighters,” Root writes. “We have survived thousands of years of hate, discrimination, persecution, robbery, slavery and murder. We haven’t just survived…we have thrived! I wrote the book, ‘The Power of RELENTLESS.’ Of course it was endorsed by Mr. Relentless himself, Donald Trump.”

Perhaps Root is just paying Trump back for his blurb with an endorsement.

11/21/2016 2:00 PM by David Kinzer

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