Eric Adams on Why Trump Won: “People Don’t Realize How Simple Voters Are”

Brooklyn Pres. Eric Adams thinks Hillary Clinton campaigned from an "ivory tower"
Brooklyn Pres. Eric Adams thinks Hillary Clinton campaigned from an “ivory tower” [NY State]


In a recent interview, Brooklyn Borough President Erik Adams offered his analysis of the recent presidential election, Politico reports.

Adams explained how he believes Republican candidate Donald Trump won because his message was not overly complicated, saying “People don’t realize how simple voters are — they’re not as complicated as we like to believe they are…Donald knew that.”

Adams went on to compliment Trump’s use of catchphrases like “Drain the swamp” and “Crooked Hillary,” Trump’s name for his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“All of those one-liners, it was nothing complicated,” Adams said. “Everybody else wanted to be so sophisticated and talk about their major plans of doing X, Y and Z, and Donald was just A, B, C. It was just as simple as could be, speaking to his constituents.”

Adams blamed Clinton for aiming her message at “New York Times readers who are looking for the intellectual aspect of politicking.”

As an example of Clinton’s failed targeting, he pointed to one of the primary debates, which occurred at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He said it should have taken place in Brownsville, which is one of Brooklyn’s poorest areas.

“I think Secretary of State Clinton did not realize she couldn’t run this campaign from the ivory tower,” he said. “We called for her to [not] do the debate down at the Navy Yard where all the insiders were…Show that you’re different.”

11/24/2016 2:30 PM by David Kinzer

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