State Senator Again Targeted by Anti-Semitic Hate

Assemblyman Brad Hoylman has been targeted by anti-Semites repeatedly in November [Kelsey Williams/US FWS]


Assemblyman Brad Hoylman, who represents the Manhattan neighborhoods of Chelsea, the Village and the Lower East Side, received an email earlier this week threatening to burn him and his family alive, the New York Daily News reports. The exact wording of the email has not been released at this time.

This is the third such incident for Hoylman, who received a letter on Nov. 19th calling Judaism a “false religion” and saying its adherents would be punished. It’s not clear if there is any connection to the email.

Prior to that, a swastika was carved into his apartment’s door. At the time, Hoylman said that he did not believe he was being personally targeted but instead connected it to Donald Trump’s election victory.

New York State Police are investigating the crimes.

Hoylman told the Daily News that he will not let the hateful threats change his work and called for everyone in the country to unite against hate.

12/01/2016 1:00 PM by David Kinzer
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