Schumer calls for transit workers to be screened for terrorists

Schumer wants the government to take increased security measures [NASA]
Schumer wants the government to take increased security measures [NASA]

Sen. Charles Schumer, set to be the next minority leader of the Senate, called today for all transportation employees to be checked against terror watch lists, reports The New York Post.

The request, he says, is long-due, as it was originally called for by the 9/11 Commission. Airline workers are currently checked against watch lists but not rail or road workers, which is a major security flaw according to Schumer.

“It is just not acceptable that every single front line transit employee is not checked against the federal terror watch list like airlines do,” Schumer told the Associated Press.

According to the MTA, annual ridership on the New York City subway system in 2015 was 1.763 billion, with more than 5.5 million rides on an average weekday, making rail safety a particularly vital concern for New Yorkers.

“With terror threats on the rise, a transit terror cross-check here in the nation’s transit epicenter . . . could ensure safety for thousands and thousands of New Yorkers, and it’s not very hard or expensive to do,” Schumer said.



12/12/2016 6:32 PM by David Kinzer

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