Watch de Blasio on the one mistake that cost Clinton the election

Mayor Bill de Blasio is a longtime ally of the Clinton family, having aided Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign and managed Hillary Clinton’s 2000 senate run. However, he’s not blind to the one-time candidates’ flaws and recently told Bill Ritter on WABC that messaging mistakes cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Asked whether he thought Clinton’s rival Bernie Sanders would have won against Donald Trump, de Blasio said “I think [Sanders’s] message would have won the election.” De Blasio went on to say that Clinton downplayed income inequality in the fall, just when she should have been talking more about it. “I believe if she had had a message of economic change, it would have overwhelmed a lot of what Trump was putting forward and I think it would have helped her to keep some of those states [that Trump won].”

Watch video of the exchange above. It begins at 13:58.

12/12/2016 4:02 PM by David Kinzer