‘Woman in Gold’ lawyer got looted Nazi art, now wants Abedin, Weiner warrants


Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin wants to see the search warrants used by the FBI to investigate emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer [Zennie Abraham]

E. Randol Schoenberg is known for his successful effort to reclaim a Gustav Klimt painting looted by the Nazis, a case documented in the film “Woman in Gold,” with actor Ryan Reynolds portraying the Los Angeles-based attorney.

But Schoenberg is also the lawyer for long-time Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and he is now applying that same determination to get to the bottom of the FBI’s investigation of Anthony Weiner’s laptop in October.

“When I latch on to something I don’t let go until I get the answer,” Schoenberg told Haaretz. “That stubborn persistence – it helps. Sometimes I swing at windmills, but once or twice I win.”

According to Schoenberg, the FBI did show ‘probable cause’ that a crime had been committed before conducting a private investigation.

“That’s our Fourth Amendment right,” Schoenberg said. “Though some media outlets tried to get a hold of that letter authorizing a search warrant, most people got distracted. But I never got over it. The Comey announcement was the thing that switched the election.”

In a court filing Thursday, Abedin said that neither she nor her estranged husband Anthony Weiner received FBI search warrants for the Hillary Clinton emails found on Weiner’s computer weeks before the election.  

The discovery of the emails threw a wrench into what had appeared to be certain electoral victory for Clinton, raising the ire of many regarding the conduct of FBI Director James Comey, who eventually cleared Clinton on November 6.

The decision to release any “search warrant, search warrant application, and any receipts used by the FBI and Justice Department to obtain the review of Huma Abedin’s emails related to Hillary Clinton” is under consideration by a judge, according to NY Daily News.

According to Schoenberg, federal government officials “never provided [Abedin] with a copy of the warrant it reportedly obtained to search certain e-mails,” adding that “we understand that Mr. Weiner has likewise not been provided with a copy of this material.”

In a letter filed in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday, Abedin’s lawyer requested permission to review the warrant and warrant after their submission to the court, so that Abedin could “formulate her position.”

12/17/2016 5:03 PM by Menachem Rephun

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