Neo-Nazi application found at Columbia disguised as Thomas Hardy classic

A neo-Nazi application form was found hidden inside a library book at Columbia University this week []


Application forms for an alt-right neo-Nazi group were stumbled upon this week by a Columbia University student worker at the campus library, the Columbia news website Bwog reported Monday. According to the site, the applications were hidden inside a box disguised with the cover of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles, which was placed in the wrong section.

According to The Algemeiner, the Columbia/Barnard branch of Jewish campus organization Hillel said the discovery “profoundly disturbed our community, many of whom have close family members who are Holocaust survivors and know all too well the effects of these hateful agendas.”

Bwog wrote that the forms were applications for the neo-Nazi “Dark Enlightenment” movement and featured the Reichsadler, an eagle atop a swastika resembling the coat of arms of the Third Reich. The website noted that “the eagle as depicted by ‘DarkEn’ might contain fascist symbols and imagery, with the eagle’s head and central line forming a fasces, and the ‘wings’ forming a bundle of sticks.  The terms found on this form are listed on a Dark Enlightenment reading list, which aims to introduce its readers to the movement.”

Hillel said it has been in touch with public safety and University officials, as well as outside organizations who are looking into the discovery.

“Though little information has come to light, we…want to affirm that we unequivocally stand against any presence of antisemitism and bigotry on our campus,” Hillel said in a statement. 

In a blog post on The Columbia Spectator, Columbia Students against Trump and other student groups wrote that “the so-called ‘Dark Enlightenment‘—a movement propagating ideas of fascism, white supremacy, and ethnic cleansing—is only one of many small but vocal forces supporting Trump’s hateful agenda across the country that must be stopped.”



12/17/2016 6:33 PM by Menachem Rephun

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