Post: Dov Hikind planned “Save Ocean Parkway” to keep cars out of his neighborhood

The "Save Ocean Parkway" campaign is all about keeping right turns allowed on Ocean Parkway [CC0]
The “Save Ocean Parkway” campaign is all about keeping right turns allowed on Ocean Parkway [CC0]

The New York Post reported today a revealing story on the vanities of politicians.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been holding “Save Ocean Parkway” protests regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plans to revamp the roadway in order to make it safer for pedestrians.

That campaign has been a hard sell for some since safer streets are normally thought of as a bipartisan issue. Even Hikind initially supported Cuomo’s efforts.

However, Hikind reversed his position when he learned that the governor’s plans would make right turns from Ocean Parkway illegal, which he believed would cause more traffic on Avenue L, where Hikind’s own home is.

Here’s how the Post’s source put Hikind’s stance: “It’s one thing to selfishly disagree against changes for personal gain. But it’s a whole different level of absurdity not to tell everyone the truth about why you’re doing it.”

Hikind, of course, disputes the Post’s story. Although he did admit that he would be personally inconvenienced by the move, Hikind maintained that everyone in  the neighborhood “gets” the problem with Cuomo’s plan.

At a Dec. 5th rally, Hikind explained that “Eliminating right turns will only endanger the safety of motorists, children and their families who live adjacent to Ocean Parkway, and will undoubtedly create havoc for all.”

12/19/2016 4:53 PM by David Kinzer

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