Netanyahu to be investigated for fraud and bribery

The Ministry of Justice is reportedly investigating PM Benjamin Netanyahu [AFP]
Criminal investigation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been set in motion by the country’s Justice Ministry according to The Times of Israel.

The Justice Ministry is said to be interested in two separate affairs, though it is not yet apparent what those specific cases are. As with many in high positions of power, Netanyahu has faced many different accusations of wrong-doing. These include supposedly accepting a bribe of more than $1 million from Arnaud Mimran, a French con-artist, as well as the recent submarine controversy, which saw his government pushing for submarine contracts from a company owned in part by Iran. That said, the case is not supposed to be part of the current investigation.

Netanyahu will be talking with police in the coming days, according to the report.

12/28/2016 4:12 PM by David Kinzer

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