Norwegian Broadcaster Finds Himself in Hot Water

NRK is in hot water over an anti- semitic video. [Facebook]
NRK is in hot water over an anti- semitic video. [Facebook]

People always need to be cautious with what they say and some more than others. Recently, in Norway, a broadcaster learned this the hard way as he referenced the concentration camps camps in a cartoon about the financial situation of college students.

“This cartoon should not have spoofed the Nazi genocide, and we’re sorry this reference obstructed what the sketch is really about,” a spokesperson for the NRK broadcaster wrote on Facebook last week following complaints about the video

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in the video three young people are taken by an older person to what resembles a concentration camp. The group arrives at an oven full of ashes and a rib cage. However, one of the kids then asks if it was made for pizza.

“The animated video is about the student economy, which often has students in desperate situations,” NRK wrote. “To make this point, we used visual references to a concentration camp.”

12/29/2016 1:21 PM by Jason Cohen

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