Brooklyn councilman David Greenfield introduces legislation to prevent garbage truck traffic

David Greenfield

David Greenfield is fighting traffic [JP]
Brooklyn city councilman is introducing legislation Wednesday requiring the Department of Sanitation to release GPS data showing where its garbage trucks are in real time. According to NY Daily News, the bill is designed to prevent traffic jams created by garbage trucks. 

“It’s very frustrating, obviously, for any parent who drives their kid to school in the morning, but it’s also frustrating for the (garbage truck) drivers having people honk at them,” Greenfield said. “They’re trying to dispose of the trash.”

The GPS data would prevent traffic jams by creating apps warning people which streets to avoid. Navigation apps such as Waze, which provide traffic updates in real time, would also be used. 

Greenfield noted that the sanitation department releases GPS tracking data during snowstorms to allow people to check whether their streets have been flowed. In his view, it would not be “a great leap” for the Sanitation Department to prevent traffic pileups by publicly releasing tracking data every day. 


01/04/2017 12:00 PM by Menachem Rephun

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