Goldman Sachs influence in Trump White House extends to Ivanka

Ivanka Trump (l) has been leaning on Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell for advice [JP graphic]
Ivanka Trump (l) has been leaning on Goldman Sachs partner Dina Powell (r) for advice [Graphic by JP]
The cabinet selected by President-elect Donald Trump has been criticized as a “Goldman government” even before Trump selected Goldman Sachs-connected attorney Jay Clayton to head the Security and Exchange Commission, joining such other Goldman Sachs appointees as Gary Cohn, who was picked to head the National Economics Council, and Steven Mnuchin, who was chosen for Treasury Secretary, not to mention Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

Now it appears that Goldman Sachs’s influence in the Trump family extends beyond  just Donald, as Politico reports today that Ivanka Trump has been using Goldman partner Dina Powell as “an invaluable resource” and “top adviser on policy and staffing.”

There is talk in Goldman offices that Powell may be leaving the banking giant to serve Ivanka officially, though the role is as yet undetermined. If she does take a job, it’ll be a big one, as big as Ivanka can offer, “potentially as some sort of senior counselor or a yet-to-be-named position that would be more senior than a chief of staff,” according to Politico.

Powell is a former George W. Bush staffer, who worked as chief of the personnel office for the 43rd president. Like Bush, she was raised in Texas. Interestingly, she was born in Egypt and is fluent in Arabic. She has been active in the Middle East as a supporter of “women’s empowerment” there, according to another Bush staffer, Tony Fratto.

01/05/2017 6:32 PM by David Kinzer

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