Watch ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ sketch that has Britain in an uproar

Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein are the creators of “Revoling,” a BBC 2 sketch comedy show that many believe to be living up to its name, according to the New York Times. The latest controversy is the above sketch, about “The Real Housewives of ISIS,” which has been viewed by millions, but some viewers have found its comedy distasteful. Rubinstein has defended the sketch, saying that it mocks extremists and their treatment of women. “It’s about people who are vulnerable to these kind of approaches,” he said. “We’ve had the ‘White Widow’ [British-born terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite], so this is actually happening to women here.”

01/06/2017 11:03 AM by David Kinzer