Dianne Feinstein, Judiciary Committee’s top Dem, misses Sessions hearings for pacemaker procedure

A pacemaker procedure forced Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democratic on the Senate Judicial Committee, to miss the second day of hearings on Sen. Jeff Sessions’ appointment by President-elect Donald Trump for the position of attorney general, Politico reports. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse took her place during the sessions.

A statement from George Washington University Hospital said that the procedure went according to plan. Feinstein’s office said she would return to her duties as quickly as possible. 

Feinstein is 83 years-old, making her the oldest sitting member of the Senate. Her term is set to end in 2018.

Above, watch highlights from Feinstein’s questioning Tuesday.


01/11/2017 12:36 PM by David Kinzer