Former governor of Palestinian town arrested in Israeli raid


An IDF raid ended with the arrest of a former Fatah [IDF]
An IDF raid ended with the arrest of a former Fatah governor [IDF]
Talal Dwikat, the former governor of the Palestinian West Bank town of Jenin and a member of Fatah, was arrested Wednesday by Israeli forces. According to a report Wednesday by Haaretz, Dwikat was arrested due to intelligence suggesting involvement in criminal activity connected with weapons.

24 other Palestinians were also arrested in a West Bank raid Tuesday night, with 11 suspected of hurling firebombs and rocks. Dwikat’s son was arrested two days before his father as well.

In a statement, Fatah said the arrests would only strengthen the movement, bolstering its struggle for “freedom and independence.”

A 32-year-old Palestinian man, Mohammed al-Salahe, was shot dead in a Tuesday night raid in the Palestinian refugee camp of Far’a, after reportedly attempting to stab Israeli soldiers, Reuters reported Wednesday. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that al-Salahe was executed “in cold blood” and that he was a former inmate of Israeli prisons.

The Israeli military said in a statement that “forces called on the attacker to halt and upon his continued advance fired towards him, resulting in his death.”

01/11/2017 12:56 PM by Menachem Rephun

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