Hate crimes increased in 2017, led by anti-Semitic incidents, NYPD says

The NYPD reported an increase in hate crimes Thursday, led by anti-Semitic incidents [AFP]
2017 has seen an uptick in hate crimes, led by anti-Semitic incidents, according to figures released Thursday by the New York Police Department. Politico, which cited the statistics, noted that 56 hate crimes were reported as of February 12, compared with 31 incidents reported at this time in 2016.

314 hate crimes were reported by NYC police in early November, compared with 309 in 2015. The increase in hate crimes has been linked to President Donald Trump, according to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“You can’t have a candidate for president single out groups of Americans, negatively, and not have some ramifications for that,” de Blasio said in December. “It’s obviously connected to the election.”

In December, Politico noted a statement by NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Royce that reports of hate crimes had increased by 35% in NYC, with hate crime arrests up by 45%.

Last week, Boyce told reporters that the uptick in hate crimes “has now leveled off.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an NPO combating hatred, counted over 200 reports of hate crime following November’s elections, according to a November report by U.S.A. Today.


02/16/2017 3:04 PM by Menachem Rephun

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