Support for two-state solution drops among Israelis and Palestinians, but there is some good news

This Israeli child injured by a rocket attack is one of the millions victimized in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict [Edi Yisrael]
A new poll published jointly by both Israeli and Palestinian research institutions shows that support for a two-state solution has dropped among both Palestinians and Israelis since June, when the last survey was conducted.

Only 44 percent of Palestinians back the two-state solution, down 7 percent from June. Israeli support was greater, 55 percent, but still dropped 4 percent from the earlier poll.

Pollsters based their question on the “broad notion of two states” and found that support was even lower when based on previously proposed peace packages. 42 percent of Palestinians and 48 percent of Israelis supported those more-specific propositions, indicating that Israelis found them more unfair than Palestinians did, since their 7 percent decline versus “the broad notion” is larger than the 2 percent drop seen among Palestinians.

However, there was some good news in the report.

To see if support of a two-state plan could be goosed up, various incentives were suggested by pollsters that appealed to different groups. For instance, 40% of Israeli-Jews who disliked the previous agreements changed their minds if “the Jews who left their homes and property in the Arab countries when they had to leave following the 1948 War and the establishment of the state of Israel will be compensated for the lost assets left behind.”

Meanwhile, 44% of Palestinians and 47% of Israeli Arabs would change their nays to yeas if both governments agreed that “Palestinian laborers can freely work in Israel after the establishment of the Palestinian state.”

Neither of these proposals seem out of the realm of possibility, as they’re based not on intractable ideological differences but financial realities. When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, money is always the least of our problems.  


02/16/2017 6:33 PM by David Kinzer

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