Obviously, George Soros didn’t give $246 million to women’s protests

Reports of George Soros's connection to women's marches have been greatly exaggerated [Norway UN]
Reports of George Soros’s connection to women’s marches have been greatly exaggerated [Norway UN]

Conservative media outlets are reporting that yesterday’s “Day Without a Woman” protest was backed by Jewish investment tycoon, and popular boogeyman for anti-Semites, George Soros, who supposedly gave organizers $246 million.

Of course, the idea that political protests are supported by generous donations is far from ridiculous. For instance, the Koch brothers were instrumental in funding the Tea Party through groups like Americans for Prosperity. Public demonstrations require city fees, and while paper kind-of grows on trees, laminated signs unfortunately don’t. Plus, a successful protest requires lots of publicity and attention, and the people who do it best can’t always volunteer.

But this Soros story is ridiculous, and you can tell it’s ridiculous by the price attached, a quarter of a billion dollars. By comparison, in 2010, the Team Party’s banner year, Americans for Prosperity only had approximately $20 million for all their political activity.

That’s not to say that reporters are getting this number from nowhere. It comes from a report from the Media Research Center, a group whose stated mission is “to prove–through sound scientific research–that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values.” They in turn got that number from donations to “march partners,” which isn’t to say specific organizers for the purpose of the March, but rather donations to huge liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood or MoveOn.org. Furthermore, none of those gifts were recent; the figure is instead the sum total of Soros’s donations from between 2000 and 2014.

In other words, saying that Soros gave $246 million to organize marches this year is the kind of stretch no spandex could survive.

So a billionaire, who is famous mostly because of his big donations to liberal groups in the 21st Century, during the first 14 years of that century, gave liberal groups a lot of money. This is not surprising, and it also has little-to-nothing to do with the protests. That’s why conservative media outlets, hungry for stories discrediting the marches, were the only places reporting it.

But one of those media outlets was Fox News, which President Donald Trump watches regularly. When Fox News reported it, they didn’t point out where the number came from. Instead, the segment kicked-off with the question “Does it matter where the money came from?” Even the liberal talking head, Marjorie Clifton, didn’t challenge it, instead choosing to explain why George Soros, as a Holocaust survivor, cares about the concept of “equality.”

It’s nice that someone read George Soros’s Wikipedia page, but it’d be nicer if they also read the rubbish report they were supposedly discussing, for our President’s edification if no one else’s.

03/09/2017 6:08 PM by David Kinzer