Israeli-American bombing suspect made millions in bitcoin selling counterfeit documents

The suspect behind waves of bomb threats at U.S. JCCs may have sold counterfeit documents to earn millions of shekels worth of Bitcoin [Pixabay]
The 19-year-old Israeli-American teenager arrested last month for making scores of bomb threats at U.S. JCCs made millions of shekels worth of bitcoin selling counterfeit documents online.

According to a Times of Israel report Thursday, Israeli police believe the suspect sold forged driver’s licenses, passports, and identity cards on the so-called “dark net” in exchange for bitcoin, a digital currency used in illegal online transactions.

The suspect’s counterfeiting activity was discovered by investigators after his bitcoin account was found to contain an amount of bitcoin worth millions of shekels, according to Israel’s Channel 2.

The teen’s father apologized to the American Jewish community this week in an interview with Channel 2, his first interview since being arrested along with his son last month.

In the interview, the suspect’s father repeated claims made by his wife and his son’s attorneys that the teen’s behavior was the result of mental illness caused by an untreated brain tumor.

“To all the Jews in the United States, I want to convey an unequivocal message,” the father stated. “We are very sorry from the bottom of our hearts. We are good Jews, we do not hate you. There was no hatred here. His motive is solely the disease.”

“The world has to understand, this boy is different, he’s unique,” the man said.

04/06/2017 3:35 PM by Menachem Rephun

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