(Video) Bibi jokes about dyeing his hair

Israeli Prime Minister’s policies are often under a microscope, but so is hair, which many suspect he dyes based on its varying color tones. In fact, some have even argued that the hair is an auger of things to come and said that a new election is upcoming based on Netanyahu’s recently darker hair.

Netayahu addressed the scandal in a short video posted Monday in which he stands beside his wife Sara in Galilee and addresses the scenery…and his hair.

Since the video is in Hebrew, here’s an English translation:

“Just look at how beautiful it is here in the nature of the Galilee. Everything is wonderful. It is all blossoming and beautiful. It is all green, and a bit brown, and I am not talking about the color of my hair, okay? By the way, they say that brown is the new gray. But I assure you, if you wait a few weeks, the old gray will return.”

Maybe no new elections after all.

04/19/2017 3:03 PM by David Kinzer