(Video) Should Linda Sarsour be speaking at CUNY commencement?

Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour has been consistently in the news this year, particularly since she helped organize the Women’s March on Washington. She most recently made headlines after Jewish groups protested her upcoming address scheduled as part of a City College of New York commencement ceremony, calling her an anti-Semite and saying that, as such, she shouldn’t be allowed to speak at a public forum. 

In the above Fox segment, Zionist Organization of America president Morton Klein called on CUNY to disinvite Sarsour, and City Councilman Jumaane Williams defended her, saying that Klein’s characterization was not true to the real Sarsour and pointing out that Klein is much more hesitant to brand conservative figures like Steve Bannon as anti-Semites. 

Is Klein right, that inviting Sarsour legitimizes anti-Semitism? Does insulting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu make you an anti-Semite? Is this all just a partisan battle over whether conservatives or liberals should give commencement addresses? Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

05/02/2017 12:33 PM by David Kinzer