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Rep. Nadler Remains Undecided on Iran Deal After ‘Persuasive’ Meeting with Obama

07/31/2015 11:36 AM Updated: 1 hour ago

Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) represents not only the largest Jewish district in the nation, but he also represents the largest Orthodox Jewish community in the world,

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In Conf. Call to Supporters, Obama Says Opponents of Iran Deal ‘Got Us into Iraq’

07/30/2015 8:18 PM Updated: 17 hours ago

President Barack Obama appealed to his supporters to be more active and “get loud” in pushing Congress to approve the Iran nuclear deal, during a 20-minute

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Bill de Blasio: AIPAC Still Has ‘Open Door’ at City Hall

07/30/2015 4:49 PM Updated: 20 hours ago

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is still keeping his door open to leaders of the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobbying group despite disagreeing

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Radio Ad: Israeli, Jewish Opposition to Iran Deal ‘Does Not Represent Traditional Jews’

07/30/2015 12:41 PM

As several Jewish groups are mobilizing opposition to the Iran deal, at least one organization representing the view of many Orthodox Jews, is voicing its concern

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Netanyahu Touts Polls Showing Increased Opposition to the Iran Deal

07/30/2015 11:58 AM Updated: 1 day ago

Two new polls released on Wednesday seemed to have convinced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that opposition to the Iran nuclear deal has increased among the

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Netanyahu to Reach Out to Jewish Americans in Live Webcast Tuesday

07/30/2015 9:27 AM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a page out of Obama’s playbook, taking the campaign against the Iran nuclear deal directly to the people. Netanyahu

Republican U.S. presidential candidate and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination as his son Patrick looks on during a kickoff rally at Livingston High School in Livingston, New Jersey, June 30, 2015. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid 0

Christie: U.S. Has ‘No Right’ to Stop Israel From Striking Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

07/29/2015 10:19 PM

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said on Wednesday that the U.S. would have “no right” to stop Israel if it decides to unilaterally strike Iran’s nuclear

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Democratic Congresswoman: Iran Deal ‘Too Dangerous’ For U.S. National Security

07/29/2015 3:24 PM Updated: 1 day ago

Democratic Congresswoman Grace Meng, representing a sizeable Jewish constituency in the  Borough of Queens, NY, announced on Wednesday her opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, after

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Defense Sec. Carter: US Commitment to Israel’s Security is ‘Ironclad’

07/29/2015 1:48 PM

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Wednesday assured U.S. lawmakers that the administration would maintain its “ironclad commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge” in the region in

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Obama to Sell Iran Deal In Conference Call with American Jews Thursday

07/29/2015 12:29 PM Updated: 2 days ago

President Barack Obama is taking the campaign to approve the Iran nuclear deal directly to the people. On Thursday, the president will discuss the deal and

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Esther Pollard: ‘I Am Counting the Days When I Can Have Him in My Arms’

07/29/2015 10:56 AM Updated: 2 days ago

Esther Pollard, the wife of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, welcomed with joy the news about her husband’s release in a statement to the press Wednesday afternoon.

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Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Huckabee ‘Incitement’ Similar to Incitement That Led to Rabin’s Death

07/29/2015 12:22 AM Updated: 2 days ago

Daniel Kurtzer, who served for the second time as U.S. ambassador to Israel for four years under President George W. Bush, said Monday that Republican presidential

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Trump: Maybe Kerry is ‘Not Bright, Not an Intelligent Man’

07/28/2015 9:16 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Donald Trump is not tired of insulting human beings. After offending Mexican immigrants, attacking Senator John McCain, and scolding others, the Republican frontrunner for president has a

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush answers a question from the audience during a town hall campaign stop at the VFW Post in Hudson, New Hampshire, July 8, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder 0

Bush: U.S. Should Re-establish ‘Take-it-to-the-Bank’ Relationship with Israel

07/28/2015 8:55 PM

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said that the United States should re-establish a “take-it-to-the-bank kind of relationship with Israel,” during telephone town hall with New Hampshire

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Weiner: Leave Chuck Schumer Alone

07/28/2015 8:26 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Senator Chuck Schumer should be left alone by the media, and be given the time to read the Iran nuclear deal in order to make up

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Netanyahu on Kerry Skipping Israel: ‘He Has No Reason to Come Here’

07/28/2015 6:25 PM Updated: 2 days ago

The crisis in the relationship between the two countries over the Iran nuclear deal seemed to have an effect on the personal relationship between Prime Minister

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Jewish House Dems Grill Kerry on Long-Term Effect of Iran Deal

07/28/2015 5:31 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Jewish Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee grilled U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on the long-term danger of the Iran nuclear deal, as he

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Netanyahu Tells Esther Pollard He’s ‘Looking Forward’ to Jonathan’s Release

07/28/2015 4:17 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Israelis and Jewish groups in the United States welcomed with joy the news that Jonathan Pollard was granted parole and will finally be leaving jail on

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Huckabee: Jewish Response to ‘Oven’ Remarks Has Been ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’

07/28/2015 4:02 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee insisted on Tuesday that if he was elected president, he would continue use the same language when referring to potential nuclear

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Poll: Only 36% of Voters Would Punish Lawmakers Voting in Favor of Iran Deal

07/28/2015 1:39 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Another public opinion poll continues to show that a majority of Americans support the Iran nuclear deal and want their members of Congress to let it

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