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Speaker Mark-Viverito Allocates $15M In Funds For Priority 5-7 Vouchers In Budget Proposal

Photo/William Alatriste

Photo/William Alatriste

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Finance Committee Chair Julissa Ferreras is suggesting to allocate 15 million dollars for priority 5 and 7 vouchers that will, in part, benefit the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

“The Council is concerned about the underestimated budget projections for the use of vouchers, which has increased ACS’ deficit in childcare,” the budget proposal released by the City Council in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Fiscal Year 2015 Preliminary budget reads. Read more »

Brooklyn – Mayor de Blasio Blares ‘Vision Zero’ Plan In Yiddish [Video]

deblasio mpThe City of new York is undertaking some significant ways in order to sell Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ‘Vision Zero’ plan. Over the past few weeks, council members along with government officials have been participating in several town hall meetings in all of the five Boroughs in order to educate the public of the new measures that are supposed to dramatically reduce traffic fatalities to zero. Read more »

NYGov – Astorino Says He Wasn’t Aware Fired Employee Was Jewish

rob astorino govWestchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rob Astorino laughed off Thursday the Democrats’ claim that Bruce Berger, who was fired right before the start of Passover from his job as head of the County’s Solid Waste Commission, was a victim of discrimination and political retaliation.

“I didn’t even know he was Jewish to be honest with you,” Astorino said with surprise, when asked about it in a radio interview Thursday morning. Read more »

Cuomo Defers Claim He Interfered In Moreland Commission: ‘Because It’s Mine’

CuomoGov. Andrew Cuomo deferred recent claims about possible interference by his administration into the operations of the recently disbanded Moreland Commission.

In an interview Wednesday with the Crain’s editorial board, Gov. Cuomo responded to recent comments by Southern District U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara that he would take “very, very seriously any suggestion” that Mr. Cuomo’s office interfered with the Moreland Commission, which Mr. Cuomo empaneled in 2013 to investigate corruption in the state Legislature. Read more »

Israeli-American Journalist Who Was Abducted By Pro-Russian Militants Has Been Released

American-Israeli journalist Simon Ostrovsky has been released by pro-Russian militiamen, who abducted him earlier this week, the BBC reports.

“We are delighted to confirm that our colleague and friend Simon Ostrovsky has been safely released, and is in good health, Vice News, who Ostrovsky reports for in Brooklyn, said in a statement. “We would like to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. Out of respect for Simon and his family’s privacy, we have no further statement at this time.”

Ostrovsky was taken hostage in Slavyansk by a group led by Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the rebel town’s self-proclaimed “People’s Mayor.” Stella Khorosheva, a spokeswoman for the rebels, said Wednesday that Ostrovsky was being held because he was suspected of spying for Right Sector, the far-right Ukrainian nationalist party, or other “enemy groups.”

Mayor de Blasio Appoints Julie Menin, A Former Restaurant Owner, As Head of Consumer Affairs

Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Thursday Julie Menin, a former restaurant owner, as New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner.

Menin will lead the administration’s engagement efforts to ease the burden off the backs of businesses and consumers from neighborhoods across the five boroughs, to ensure inspector fines are fairly levied, and consumer complaints are handled quickly and efficiently, the mayor announced at a press conference.

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NYC Council Speaker Mark-Viverito Releases Modified Budget Proposal For FY2015

Photo/William Alatriste

Photo/William Alatriste

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Finance Committee Chair Julissa Ferreras released Wednesday the City Council’s response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Fiscal Year 2015 Preliminary budget.

Among the many recommendations included in the Council’s fiscal proposal for the upcoming year are – hiring an additional 1,000 NYPD officers to implement new policing measures and ‘Vision Zero’ rules, eliminating school lunch fees and tackling the affordable housing crisis. Read more »

Breaking: Israel Halts Peace Talks, To Impose Sanctions In Response To Fatah-Hamas Deal

obama-abbasx-largeThe Israeli cabinet decided Thursday afternoon to halt negotiations with the Palestinians and impose economic sanctions on the Palestinian Authority in response to the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement, according to reports. The decision was announced following an emergency inner security cabinet Thursday morning, convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for urgent consultations on Israel’s next move.

According to Israel Radio, the Cabinet’s decision to suspend negotiations with the Palestinians was adopted unanimously – that includes centrist Ministers Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid. The cabinet decided that in addition to suspending negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel will also take punitive measures towards the Palestinian Authority “until the matter is clarified.”

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Fatah Official: PA-Hamas Unity Gov’t Will Recognize Israel’s Existence

A senior Fatah official argued Thursday that the future Palestinian unity government would in fact recognize Israel, under the policy of the current PA president Mahmud Abbas.

“The reconciliation with Hamas is founded on the two-state solution within the 1967 borders. Hamas will also accept all of the international community’s conditions,” Jibril Rajoub told Israel’s Army Radio on Thursday.

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President Obama: Russia Not Abiding by Geneva Agreement on Ukraine

US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that Russia is not abiding by agreements aimed at defusing the crisis in Ukraine.

“So far at least, we have seen them not abide by the spirit or the letter of the agreement in Geneva,” Obama said in Tokyo at the start of a four-nation tour of Asia, adding that if Russia continued to flout the deal there would be “consequences and we will ramp up further sanctions.”

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Male struck and Killed by G Train Near Bedford Ave. Station in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn

This time is was myself who personally witnessed this incident as a passenger on the train en route to Williamsburg. A male, possibly a teenager, was struck by G train between classon and Bedford avenue station in Brooklyn. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

The incident occurred Wednesday night at around 9:45p.m. The male had no pulse when EMS and FDNY arrived at the scene – at around 10:10pm. The body, along with white striped sneakers and a backpack were removed from the tracks under the last car at 10:43PM.

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Williamsburg Shomrim: ‘Not All’ Gang Defendants Are Associated With Organization

The following is a statement by Williamsburg Shomrim Safety Patrol, following the indictment of five Hasidic men from Williamsburg for their participation in the brutal gang assault of Taj Patterson, a 23-year-old Fort Greene resident on December 1, 2013.

Two of the defendants are associated with the Williamsburg Shomrim Safety.

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NYGov – Perry, Cuomo And Astorino Eye New York Businesses In Pitch Over Jobs

rick_perryTexas Gov. Rick Perry was in New York today to make his pitch to business leaders about the State he has held for 14 years. But in the process, he was proud to get in between Governor Cuomo and Rob Astorino over the state of New York’s economic policies, and tout his accomplishments ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Yes, I’m here recruiting business. I’m don’t shy away from that. I’m very upfront about that. But I’m also here to help stimulate a conversation with the people of New York state, the people in New York City, the legislators, the governor,” Mr. Perry told reporters after a lunch with business owners in the City.

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Brooklyn Boro Prez Adams, Toronto Mayor Ford Buddy It Out Over Music/Sports

rob-ford-1200Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams are playing it all out in defending their respected City, but no crack or alcohol is involved.

Mr. Adams first brought up the idea of a playoff bet in a statement Saturday night responding to Raptors General Manager Masai Ujuri shouting an inappropriate word about Brooklyn at a rally Saturday. Read more »

Jeb Bush Confesses: ‘Thinking’ About Running For President

After trying to run around the bushes, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush admitted Wednesday that he’s considering a presidential run in 2016.

Speaking to a crowd of about 200 people at a Catholic Charities fundraiser in New York, Mr. Bush said that he is “thinking about running for president,” according to an attendee.

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Brooklyn DA Announces Indictment Of 5 Hasidim Involved In Gang Attack On Black Student

Brooklyn, NY. Kings County District Attorney Ken Thompson announced Wednesday afternoon the indictment of five Hasidic men from Williamsburg for their participation in the brutal gang assault of Taj Patterson, a 23-year-old Fort Greene resident on December 1, 2013. The defendants, who are associated with the Williamsburg Shomrim Safety Patrol Unit face multiple charges and could end up serving 25 years in jail if found guilty.

The District Attorney said that a Kings County grand jury has indicted the following defendants: Pinchas Braver, 19; Joseph Freid, 25; Mayer Herskovic, 21; Aharon Hollander, 28; and Abraham Winkler, 39, for acting in concert to commit Gang Assault in the First Degree, and other related charges. If convicted, the defendants each face up to 25 years in prison.

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NYPD Twitter Campaign Goes Sour; PC Bratton Says ‘Tweet Us, Good or Bad’

bill brattonA social media campaign by the NYPD – an attempt to ease relations with the various communities – went sour on Tuesday. The NYPD Twitter account (@NYPDNews) encouraged people to share photographs of themselves with local police officers, saying some of the photographs “may be featured on our Facebook [page].”

But the unusual request prompted many tweeps tweeting images of contentious and sometimes violent interactions with officers.

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State Department: Nobody Should Expect Israel To Talk With PA-Hamas Gov’t

abbas ramallahState Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki warned Wednesday afternoon that the Palestinian Authority’s move to lock arms with Hamas could demolish the peace talks as well as the United States administration’s relationship with the PA.

“A great deal of effort has gone into building Palestinian institutions by Palestinians as well as the international community, and it would certainly not be in the interests of the Palestinian people for all of that to be lost,” Psaki told reporters. Read more »

Cuba – Alan Gross Pledges To Return Home This Year ‘Dead or Alive’

Imprisoned Jewish contractor, Alan Gross is vowing to return home within the year “dead or alive,” his attorney said on Wednesday.

“He will return to the United States before his 66th birthday, dead or alive,” Gilbert said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” after meeting with Gross and Cuban officials. “He does not intend to endure another year of this solitary confinement.”
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Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo Announce Sandy Property Tax Relief Legistlation

Appearing at a joint event in Albany on Wednesday, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced state legislation that would provide vital property tax relief to New York City homeowners who rebuilt or repaired their homes after Hurricane Sandy and who are facing a large increase in their property tax bills in City Fiscal Year (CFY) 2015.

The legislation, which has broad bipartisan support, would lower a homeowner’s property tax liability for CFY 2015 to the pre-storm, CFY 2013 amount.

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Rick Perry Challenges Gov. Cuomo To Debate Tax/Economics Policies

rick_perryTexas Gov. Rick Perry is challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to a debate on economic policy. Perry, who’s in New York meeting with business leaders until Thursday, issued the challenge on Albany’s Talk 1300 news radio.

“I think that would be a, not only interesting and fun, but a thoughtful way for us as a country to have a discussion between two of the major states in America, talking about which one of these policies are actually better for our people,” Perry said. Read more »

Israel Cancels Negotiating Team Meeting Following Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

Israel cancelled a planned meeting Wednesday night with Palestinian officials over extending the negotiations in an apparent response to the earlier announcement of a Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, the PMO announced.

The decision to cancel Wednesday’s meeting came after a consultation meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office discussing Israel’s response and measure to be taken following the Hamas-Fatah move.

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NYC Comptroller Report: Rent Is Too Damn High; Skyrocketing in Brooklyn

scott stringerThe rent is too damn high. As a matter of fact, 75% higher than what it was in 2000, according to a report released by NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Median rents across the five boroughs skyrocketed 75 percent from $630 per month 2000 to $1,100 per month 2012, even as median real income declined by 4.8 percent over the same time period, the report found. Read more »

Tony Blair: Solving The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Will Heal ME From Radical Islam

tony blair radical islamFormer British Prime Minister Tony Blair called Wednesday for Western nations to work with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the fight against radical Islam. “Whatever our differences”, we must work together to fight Islamism – the biggest threat to world peace,” he said.

“The threat of this radical Islam is not abating. It is growing. It is spreading across the world,” he said. “It is destabilizing communities and even nations. It is undermining the possibility of peaceful coexistence in an era of globalization. And in the face of this threat we seem curiously reluctant to acknowledge it and powerless to counter it effectively.” Read more »

Abbas Agrees To Speak Out Against Anti-Semitism On Holocaust Remembrance Day

20140423-013616.jpgAmidst increasing tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over stalled peace negotiations, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met on Sunday with Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of the New York based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU).

In the meeting, Rabbi Schneier urged the PA President to be more vocal in his support for expanding global relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities.

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