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Who is Curt Anderson – The Curt Anderson Bio

As Mark Halperin reported, the Perry team hired campaign veteran Curt Anderson to help the campaign with message and strategy on a national level.

First, don’t confuse him with Dem politician Curtis Stovall Anderson or with writer Kurt Anderson. Instead, according to an August 26 Op-Ed at politico, Anderson is “a Republican strategist and a partner at OnMessage Inc., a GOP media and polling firm. He co-wrote Gov. Bobby Jindal’s book “Leadership in Crisis.”

His Bio at his firms writes that Curt ”served President Reagan at the White House as Associate Director of Public Liaison, and Chairman Haley Barbour as political director at the Republican National Committee.  Curt led the effort that developed the Republican Party’s much vaunted  “72 Hour Task Force” which rewrote the playbook on voter turnout technologies and tactics, and he redesigned and authored the curriculum for the Republican Party’s campaign management colleges. In Presidential politics Curt served as a senior strategist for Steve Forbes in 1999, directed the coalition outreach efforts for the Bush/Cheney campaign in 2000, led the RNC’s independent expenditure ad campaign to re-elect President Bush in 2004, was a member of the ad team for Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2007/2008, and led the RNC’s independent expenditure campaign against President Obama in the fall of 2008.”

The PR firm shows to have clients in more than thirty states, and the clients includes anyone  from the NRA, NRSC, RNC, and NRCC to Florida Governor Rick Scott, LA Governor Jindal and US senators Scott Brown and Ron Jonson. Basically, look at a map of the US starting with a wall at LA, AR and MO and the firm has clients in almost all states East word, including clients in all Southern states, plus of course in Texas and some other states in “the back”!

In his August 26 op-ed, posted just two weeks after Perry announced he will run, Anderson ripped everyone from the Left and the Republican elite to Congressional Republicans and Karl Rove. He closed his article by saying: “Quick, let’s get Paul Ryan to run. Oops, he said no. Let’s take another trip to New Jersey to see if Gov. Chris Christie is still a no. Maybe we can lure Steve Forbes in for a third try. I know, let’s get Palin — maybe she can divide the conservative vote and stop Perry. Enough already. The field is set. Deal with it.”



The Three Obama Foreign Policy Successes

Bob Schieffer asked former IRS employ Michele Bachmann how she can say Obama foreign policy is a failure when OBL, Al Awlaki and Gaddafi were all killed under Obama.

Bachmann didn’t give a coherent answer, but as I see it, OBL was not captured by an “Obama policy;” it was  military/intelligence tactics and tools that Obama opposed as Senator yet didn’t block as President that ended Osama Bin Laden. Bush killed and captured many Al Awlaki-level Al Qaeda figures; but is not much of a success. In fact, no one can name by heart one of them! As for Gaddafi: Making a mess is easy (it took only 23 days to topple real strong man Saddam). Cleaning it up is the tough part. See Tunisia, Egypt for more

U.S. Stock Market YTD Update 10/22/2011

U.S. Equity Markets had a mixed week, with the Dow closing up 1.41%; S&P 500 up 1.12%, and the NASDAQ down 1.1%.

Year-to-Date (YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (DJIA) is up two percent; the S&P 500 is up 1.1%; and the NASDAQ is off by 0.58%.

YTD info is from

In the mean time, the FDIC closed four banks this weekend, bringing to 84 the number of banks it closed through October 21, 2011. At the same time last year, the FDIC closed 139 banks; 106 banks for the same period in 2009, and only fifty banks for all the eight years of the Bush Administration.

Why is Al Awlaki With OBL and Gaddafi?

Every story I read about Gaddafi notes that US successes were “stacking up” for President Obama such as killing Osama Bin Laden (by tactics and tools Obama opposed just years ago), and the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki, an American-born radical who became a mouth piece for Al Qaeda in recent years and was killed in a missile strike.

Capturing as Bush did foreign-born Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the number three of Al Qaeda at the time/mastermind of the 9-11 attacks and gaining from him Intel – IS a massive success! Capturing as Bush did foreign-born Al Qaeda “Operations Chief” Abu Zubaydah who personally oversaw many Al Qaeda activities from the late nineties all the way to his arrest and gaining from him Intel, IS a massive success. But since when is 1) killing an American without a court date 2) who is only a mouth piece of the largely destroyed Al Qaeda and 3) with no chance to get from this so-called massive target any Intel, considered a success for the USA in par with ending Osama Bin Laden?

Jewish Bus Owner Does NOT Force Women to Sit in Back!

The NY Post wrote Wednesday that no one told its reporter “she had to move to the back” nor did the driver in the NY World reporter incident take a stand one way or another.  Additionally, the NYT in its own report writes that “no male passengers sitting at the front of the bus explicitly told a female reporter to move, but several riders said women did not belong there.” All three instances written by reporters show that this policy is not forced on by the company nor is it forced by those riding. Instead, it is a self imposed and self accepted policy by the 99% members riding this route who at times perhaps mention it to others riding.

For those who wonder why the riders live by this rule? Well, the high success rate of marriages in the Orthodox Jewish/Hasidic community is largely due to men and women intermingling less, and as such there is reduced enticement for people to wonder outside their marriage vows.

As for the sign on a bus encouraging men and women to sit separately: It is passengers who decided to do so, and since 99% using this route don’t mind this type of seating, it indeed does not bother the owner or the drivers that the sign is up there.

Regarding Gaddafi’s End

1) It took less than $1 billion and no USA lives to capture/kill Saddam. It is the rebuilding and securing Iraq – work Obama does not want to do in Libya – that cost us all the money.

2) If killing this dictator was the mission in Libya, then why was it not done within the first few weeks of the mission via USA-NATO air strike which would – according to Obama fans – help Libyans avoid all the pain brought to them in recent month by this conflict? O, my mistake: By removing Gaddafi without trying to back or install a new normal leadership, Libyans will suffer greatly as seen in recent months… in Egypt; one of our “great successes” of recent years.

3) When the leader of Yemen and other places will ultimately fall, will Obama take credit for it or will he be sent a memo that his inactions pro-longed the lethal uprisings in the Middle East?

4) Only 44% in a Rasmussen Poll now approve of Obama’s work in Libya. This is the reason why Obama needs so desperately go take credit for things that happen around the world: people see these events as taking place despite Obama and not due to Obama, and the public has little interest to give him much credit for it, so he goes out there like a little boy screaming and yelling “give me credit; give me credit.”

5) You saw this picture? I mean, when did Obama change his mind from saying hello to Gaddafi to taking credit for a twenty year old boy shooting him?

Obama and Gaddafi in 2009 – Pic by Reuters

Holiday Break

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Monday Jewish Political Update 10/10/11

What is the NY Assembly Speaker Orthodox Sheldon Silver Doing in Hasidic Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Well, he visited the Shatnes Lab on Lee Ave. to check if his new suit has a mixture of both wool and linen, which is called “Shatnes,” and according to the Torah is forbidden to wear. Apparently, Silver leads a simple life style, affording only two new suits a year, which he checks for Shatnes. Indeed, some living in the Shatnes Lab area buy one suit once in two years, but for someone of Silver’s stature and income, it is surprising that he goes by with a new piece only once before Pesach (Passover) and the other before the Jewish New Year. And Yes: This time around (and maybe other times too) he drove by himself to the Lab. No chauffeur!


Some Romney Endorsements May be Relevant to Jewish Voters: Staten Island Congressman Republican Michael Grimm endorsed today Mitt Romney for the Republican Presidential Primary. Grimm had many Orthodox Jewish backers when he ran for congress in 2010. Separately, former Florida Senator, Republican Mel Martinez is also backing Romney. I am not sure how many Jewish Floridians will be moved by Martinez, but he likely has a contact list of Jewish donors that he will try schlepping to Romney.


If Hermann Cain Was a Jew at the Warsaw Uprising: The interview of Hermann Cain by MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell is now infamous. Between others O’Donnell asked Cain, “Where do you think Blacks would be sitting today if Rosa Parks would have followed your father’s advice” of Cain age 18 in 1963 not to get in trouble? O’Donnell is basically blaming Cain for not doing at age 18-20 what Rosa Parks did at age 42; which is 1) crazy just by looking at the age difference between the two and 2) disgusting to blame an oppressed minority teenager for not taking of the shackles placed on him by others. It’s akin to grill someone who was age 18 at the time of the Warsaw Uprising for (following his father’s orders and) keeping out of trouble.


“The 2012 Race Will Be Partisan, Bitter, and Personal” say Senator Joseph Lieberman: COLLive Reports that Lieberman at the Annual Gershon Jacobson Lecture said he “does not share the anxiety about candidates’ open professions of faith…Jews get nervous, remembering that such discussions are often a precursor to bad times, but… Keep in mind the extraordinary history of religious freedom, tolerance and acceptance, and the constitutional framework that protects us.” He warned the 2012 campaign “will be partisan, bitter, and personal.” Clearly stating that he was “not endorsing any candidate,” he noted that, should one of the two Mormon candidates in the Republican be nominated, “it will break a barrier – the first time a Mormon will be running. I hope the Jewish community is in the lead to make sure they are judged in the American way – based on qualities and not based on their faith.”


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Dozens Not Counted at the White House Petition Site

The “We the People” petition site at www.WhiteHouse.Gov has issues how its counts people.

As I reported here last week, the petition in favor of Sholom Rubashkin is miscounted by the White House system. Back then, number 28,996 was given to two separate people, and as such the site gave a smaller total as to how many people actually signed the ask the Obama “Policy Team” to review the Rubashkin Case.

The Rubashkin count is the second strongest at the White House petition page with more than 32,100 signatures, but the glitch, noticed by one of the readers of my blog, continues. Number 31,460 was given to someone from NY and somebody from California (see the picture); number 30,297 went to some Carol K from Illinois and to someone from California; numbers 30,068; 29,590; 29,078; 28,996 (as reported); 28,708; 28,180; 28,037; 28,000; 27,881; 27,571; 27,415; 27,328; 27,133; 26,991 and many more are all given to two separate people, which in turn means the White House system undercounts the actual number of people who petitioned for Rubashkin.

Sunday Jewish Political Update 10/9/2011

Charities Will Suffer Due to Dems/Obama Jobs Plan, according to the Boston Herald referred by A limit on deducting charitable contributions in the tax papers will be placed on “Individuals earning over $200,000 or couples earning more than $250,000… According to Internal Revenue Service figures… Households reporting $200,000 or more in annual income [in 2009] claimed $19.14 billion [charitable deductions]… A 5 percent reduction in charitable giving by those claiming a tax deduction in 2009 would have reduced total contributions by $957 million. A 20 percent drop in giving would have reduced charitable contributions by $3.8 billion.”


Cain, Bachmann decline to say Romney is a Christian, reports the Washington Post. In other words, they indirectly agree with Poster Robert Jeffers who made this claim on Friday. Personally, I am not familiar with all religions and what belong to whom. As long a religion does not cause mayhem and destruction to civilization, I would say – anecdotally – that few Jewish Voters care what religion a candidate practices. Heck, look what happened to the Orthodox Jewish David Weprin in NY9…


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Romney Staffs up with Jewish Advisors on Foreign Policy and National Security

Many of these positions in a presidential campaign are just to make some deep-pocketed, well-connected people of a community feel part of a team, but for what it is worth, Mitt Romney has placed some Jewish advisors on his Foreign Policy and defense advisory panels.

Of the 23 senior advisors reported in the Washington Post, Michael Chertoff, Eliot Cohen; Dov Zakheim, Norm Coleman, and Don Senor are Jewish. The campaign also announced more than a dozen other people for Advisory positions on specific matters such as Europe, Middle East, etc.

Jewish Political Update Sat Eve 10/8/11

Romney would up defense aid to Israel, reports Jerusalem Post via the JTA. Romney“delivered the first major foreign policy speech of his campaign Friday at The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina… Romney said he would increase defense assistance to Israel, raise the US military profile near Iran and recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”


Obama’s Jewish Team Lays Out Path Back to White House, reports the Forward. “For the past three months, a group of President Obama’s Jewish supporters has been getting together for a weekly conference call to discuss strategy. The group, includes, among others, former White House adviser David Axelrod, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Congress members Robert Wexler and Mel Levine, Chicago Jewish activist and attorney Alan Solow, and mega-donor Penny Pritzker. Together, they have been trying to figure out how to overcome a relatively successful Republican attempt to plant doubts among Jewish voters regarding Obama’s relations with Israel.”


Religion in national politics is always relevant for Jewish voters. Politico reports that Texas pastor Robert Jeffress who introduced Texas Governor Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit, said Friday that Mormonism is a “cult.” The Perry Camp didn’t approve of this statement, and Romney fans are of course not happy with this.


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the highest-ranking Jewish Republican in American politics, will be Sunday afternoon at an event in Westchester County, NY hosted for him.

U.S. Stock Market YTD Update 10/7/2011

U.S. Equity Markets had a plus week, with the Dow closing up 1.7%; S&P 500 up 2.1%, and the NASDAQ gained 2.7%.

Year-to-Date (YTD), the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (DJIA) is down 4.10 percent; the S&P500 is down 8.1%; and the NASDAQ is off by 6.4%.

YTD Info is from

In the mean time, the FDIC closed two banks this weekend, bringing to 76 the number of banks it closed through the first week of 2011. At the same time last year, the FDIC closed 129 banks; 98 banks for the same period in 2009, and only fifty banks for all the eight years of the Bush Administration.

Thursday Jewish Political Update 10/6/11

Are the Occupy Wall Street people Anti-Semites? YWN has a debate on it. Not many expressed anti-Semitic slurs, and Obama came out today validating those protests. My point is “If President Obama understands that ALL Republican presidential candidates needed to condemn the three four people out of 6,000 Republicans at a debate who boo-ed DADT, then the President should come out and condemn this too.” See here the video and transcript.


Can a conservative favor a Pollard release? Eric Ericson, Editor of RedSate, a very popular conservative website, makes a case as to why Republicans should not submit to the October 11’th debate hosted by the Washington Post and Bloomberg News. Among others he notes that “The Post hosts Jenn Rubin who claims to be a conservative but has spent the better part of her career at the Post advocating the release of the traitor Jonathan Pollard and routinely bashing Senator Jim DeMint.”

Ok, if someone rips DeMint, then the person is likely not a sound Conservative. But I am confused why it would be “unconservative” to advocate that someone serving a sentence 4-5 times longer than average spies should not be released (a few years before his Nov 20, 2015 release date).


Jewish Floridians may come in handy for Repubs, based on a PPP Poll that shows incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Ben Nelson would win with double digits against any of the Republicans trying to unseat him late next year.


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Blatant Anti-Semitism at Obama-Backed Wall Street Protests!

This morning at a press conference, president Obama came out in support of the Wall Street protesters who are among others verbally attacking banks and rich people; the same thing the President did today and other days. Here is the transcript between a Wall Street protestors and a Jew with a Kipa on his head:

Anti-Semite: I am against corporations because they don’t pay me money…. Seven dollars an hour…

Middle-Aged Jew: Get a job.

Anti-Semite: I have got a job, Mo.

Jew: No you don’t.

Anti-Semite: I do have a job.

Jew: You are standing here… Bum.

Anti-Semite: You are a Bum, Jew!

Jew: What?

Anti-Semite: I am a Jew. Why are you fighting with us. O… YOU HAVE GOT THE MONEY THAT’S WHY YOU ARE Fighting, you Jewish man…

Jew: I have got the money because I have worked before.


Anti-Semite: My mother died from a heart attack.

Jew: What?

Anti-Semite: What? Due? Du du du… you can’t even speak English. Are you Israeli? Go Back to Israel.

Jew: Why would I go back?

Anti-Semite: Go back to Sholom Israel.

National Review Video  has the video here


If President Obama understands that ALL Republican presidential candidates needed to condemn the three four people out of 6,000 Republicans at a debate who boo-ed DADT, then the President should come out and condemn this too.

Or you accept that the people who occupy Wall Street are a load of clowns not worthy of any recognition, or – as the president did – you validate them and as such you denounce any hatful anti-Semitic rhetoric coming from that camp. Obama and his backers cannot have it both ways!

Four Questions for Michael Moore

In the context of you Michael Moore hyping up confused youngsters against the rich and corporations, answer the following:

1)   What IS rich?

2)   What is your average income since 2005?

3)   What is your current net value/worth?

4)   How much percent of your income do you give to charity?

WH Miscounting Rubashkin Petition!

Maybe the White House is good at counting jobs saved and created by the Stimulus (ARRA), but when it comes to count the petitions of Americans, it may be different.

For example: The petition in favor of Sholom Rubashkin, now the second strongest issues at the “We the People” petition page, collected more than 29,000 signatures at this time, but exactly how many is anyone’s guess. Why? Two people – one from Iowa and the other from California – are both counted as Signature 28,996.

See the picture here:


Two signatures, One from IA and the other from CA, are coutned as 28,996, at We the People, the official Petition Site at www.WhiteHouse.Gov

Wed. Jewish Political Update 10/5/11

VP Biden to Meet Jewish Leaders About Pollard, reports the Jerusalem Post whose websites loads very slow. Biden agreed to it following Tuesday’s Rosh Hashanah meet at the Biden’s place at the Naval Observatory.


Rick Perry is a True Friend of Israel, claim Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post. “Perry’s attachment and views on Israel were formed long before he had a presidential run in mind.” Among other things, “Texas is Israel’s fourth-largest trading partner… That’s right — there is a Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce… strongly supported by Governor Rick Perry.”


Obama is Losing Jewish Support in Swing States, reports business week. “Florida is the biggest swing state with a large proportion of Jewish residents, 613,000, according to the 2010 North American Jewish Data Bank.” Worse… “According to the National Jewish Democratic Council, a 10 percent loss of the Jewish vote could shift the… vote margins by 98,000 in Florida, 35,000 in Pennsylvania, 18,000 in Ohio and 8,500 in Nevada.”


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Why Palin Announced Now

Why did Palin announce today she is not running for President? She could have waited another week or could have announce this a week ago. Why today?

Well, for the same reason she showed up in NH when Romney had a good day and in IA when Bachmann had a good day! Palin just MUST be THE story of the GOP, and with Christie sucking up all the air yesterday, and Perry getting a lot of coverage today, Palin needed to make a drastic move to take away attention from others and shine it back on her.

Job well done, Sarah!

Biden Meeting Orthodox Jewish Leaders Today

Vice President Joe Biden is planning to host this afternoon in his office in DC a group of Orthodox Jewish leaders, mostly from NY. Some in attendance were slated to meet yesterday with Herman Cain in NY, but the candidate new to major national attention, never showed up to the meeting. However, he did call in and addressed the group over the phone.

The 3:00 meeting with a half a dozen Orthodox leaders is in advance of the 4:30 reception that the Biden’s are hosting for Jewish community leaders.

As Haaretz’s Chief U.S. Correspondent tweeted earlier, it is not sure if the Biden will ask forgiveness for his recent statement about Pollard…


Tuesday Afternoon Jewish Political Update 10/3/11

Obama Blasts Jewish House Leader for Dems’ Failures! Yes. The Hill reports, that Obama “targets” (…) House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a top Jewish Republican, for not bringing Obama’s jobs bill for a vote in the House just days after the Democrat-controlled Senate said clearly they do not have enough votes to pass Obama’s bill.


The Orthodox Jewish Votes is written off as being Republican. Via the bias and liberal political wire I came across a post from NBC’s political team who claims that the Dems must have a win in WV today. They explained: “In September, you could dismiss the GOP’s congressional victory in New York (because of Anthony Weiner’s problems, because of the Democratic candidate’s poor campaign, and because of the district’s unusual concentration of Orthodox Jewish voters. But it will be hard for Democrats to spin away losing this race.” In other words, the national media picked up that Orthodox Jewish voter are a lost cause for the Dems…”


Herman Cain Skipped Out on the Orthodox Jews that he was suppose to meet Tuesday afternoon 4:30 in the Wall Street area. The official reason was that traffic cut off his day. Regardless, he called in via phone and spoke on speaker to the group. I think the Cain people don’t know how to eat the sudden major interest in Herman’s candidacy. Between others, the candidate was not even made availble today for the Orthodox Jewish media despite his official meeting with this community. I think when the balloon will bust, as it did with Bachmann, life will return to normal.

ISM Manufacturing Date is Actually a Disaster

Many out there, inlcuding Larry Kudlow argue that the September manufacturing report of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) was “good.” The Index, which reflects new orders, production, employment, deliveries and inventories of the manufacturing sector, came in at 51.6. A reading of above 50 means this sector of the economy is growing.
We have now 26 consecutive months of growth in this sector. Indeed it is better to be above fifty than the low of 33.3 we had in December of 2008; a month after Obama was elected President. But a 51.6 reading, following months of decreasing readings, can indicate trouble ahead.
The previous recession started officially in December of 2007. The average ISM Manufacturing Report on Businesses from July through December of that year was 50.5; with the highest month being July at 51.7, and the lowest month being December, 49.0 (See PMI Summery). By comparison, the average monthly reading for 2004 was 59.1; the next year average was 54.4; followed by an average of 53.1 for 2006.  The average 51.0 reading of the last three months (July, August, and September) is well below the recent three-month peak average of 61.1 we had during the first three months of this year. Worse, the New Orders section of this survey that peaked close to seventy a half year ago, is below fifty for the third consecutive month now.
All in all, a reading above fifty indeed means growth. However, when your average is at 51 (after being in the sixty range less than a year ago), one has to wonder if the growth is similar to a stalled car still rolling from the power generated moments earlier when the engine was still working.

Herman Cain Meeting Today Orthodox Jewish Leaders in NY

I am not sure if Herman Cain ate pizza with Donald Trump in New York, but the Republican Presidential Candidate is slated to meet Orthodox Jewish leaders in New York today afternoon in the Wall Street area after the close of the equity markets.

It is notable that some of the leaders Mr. Cain is expected to meet also met Texas Governor Rick Perry when he was in NY a few weeks ago for his Middle East speech. This is not a sample of people trying to bet on all horses in the race. Instead, those leaders try developing relationships with those who may have leadership and influential positions in policy and politics that may down the road address the needs of the Jewish Community.


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Comparing 2011 Polls to 2007 Polls is Wrong

My following article was first posted at the

Throughout the last two-three weeks, I came by (such as here) the point that the current GOP Nomination Polls don’t mean much because at this time during the 2008 contest, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson were leading the national polls, yet neither of them came close to win the nomination.

The latest example being used is the polls average of October 1, 2007. Back then, Rudy Giuliani was leading with almost 28% of the Republican vote; Fred Thompson held more than 22% of the party faithful; John McCain retained 14% of the potential primary goers; and Mitt Romney was fourth with nine percent support.
I think comparing early October 2011 to early October 2007 is wrong. Here is why:
1) Rudy Giuliani placed his nomination bet on only one winner-takes-all state, Florida. This meant that if he lost that state after of course losing the first four states his campaign would be over; exactly that happened to him. This time around however, neither of the current front runners – Mitt Romney and Rick Perry – are doing anything of this sort. They are trying to gain wins in all of the early states thus not placing all their money in one bank account.
2) Florida this time around is not a winner-takes-all state to the Republican National Convention, nor is any state holding primaries before April. Therefore, winning or losing one or a few of the first five-ten states, may have a different meaning this time around than what it had four years ago where losing a big state like Florida meant zero delegates in one’s account.
3) Fred Thompson set up an Exploratory Committee in early June 2007. This gave him the option to raise money for a campaign yet to avoid most of the scrutiny that official candidates get. Thompson announced his run early September 2007; approximately three weeks before the above October polls. Anyone with a known name officially announcing a race can hold a lead for three weeks. Just ask Rick Perry. The issue becomes where the candidate is a while down the road: How is he/she at debates? Is she/he raising funds to propel the campaign to the next stage and to show viability?
Thompson at this time in 2007 was not forced to debate his opponents, while Perry stood and perhaps failed at three debates, yet he is still strong in national polls. Thompson raised $12 million from early June all through the end of September (a stretch of four months), yet the expectation is that Perry raised at least $10 million in a period of six weeks, including the last week of September that was a PR disaster for him.
With Giuliani and Thompson in 2007 clearly having short comings that Perry and Romney do not appear to have now in 2011 (i.e. hedging on one state; not raising enough money), the 2008 race went to the candidates who polled third and fourth by early October 2007: John McCain and Mitt Romney. Those two were the last men standing in the contest. Fast forward to the current race, anything can indeed happen, but merely pointing at the current polls versus the polls of four years ago at this time, not only does not predict a massive change going forward. To the contrary, it shows precedent that those who are strong now will likely continue to battle it out while others will slowly drop out of the race.

Sunday Afternoon Jewish Political Update 10/2/11

 A Rabbi Michael Knopf from Pennsylvania rips into Republicans for cheering death when Rick Perry was asked about his state’ execution rate a few weeks ago. Rabbi Knopf points to a line in the Torah that calls for Jews to choose Life over Death, as many secular Libs – who favor late term abortion – challenge pro life Republicans to oppose the death penalty. But this argument is inaccurate because from the Torah we see that in order to survive, one can resort to killing such as in war or as a self defense, if such action is needed to survive. As such, the death penalty is Kosher from the Torah’s point of view because you eliminate danger from the world. However, it is the way today’s Justice System places people on the path to death that is likely not acceptable according to the Torah. But this of course is not the debate here.


I never knew Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart was brought up by Jewish parents. His parents, between others, gave him a bar mitzvah ceremony. This is what he claims in a speech at the RJC.


Despite the fact that many Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic Jews are heavily involved in national politics, few of them are seen at events of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) or at events hosted by the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). I actually sent the following memo to both committees hoping to hear what they say:

“Why are so few Orthodox Jews/Hasidim seen at your events? Does your committee fail to reach into all sects of the Jewish Community? If yes, why?

In the mean, I noticed that the NJDC following on Twitter is at 1,771, while the RJC – who btw has a more user friendly and updated website – has a following is at 4,657.


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