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Hungary – Anti-Semitic Jobbik Party Wins 21% of Vote

hungary elexThe Hungarian Prime Minister won reelection yesterday with a large margin than last time around but the global Jewish Community is keeping an eye on a key development: The Anti-Capitalist, Pro-Regulation, Anti-Semitic Jobbik Party won almost 21% of the vote; up from the 15.8% they won in the national elections four years ago. Jewish media keep presenting this party as a “far-right” group but The Jobbik’s are on most issues far-leftist except on nationalism which seems to echo a sharp leaning to the right. This combination was seen by the Nazis (whose name stood for National Socialism), and indeed some claim the party is hostile to Jews and other minorities.

AJC Hails Resignation of Greek PM’s Chief of Staff After Meeting Neo-Nazis

Takis BaltakosThe resignation of Takis Baltakos, chief of staff to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, was entirely warranted, following the revelation of his meeting with a senior official of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn.

“What Mr. Baltakos did is an affront to Prime Minister Samaras and to the vast majority of the Greek people,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Meeting with Golden Dawn is shocking enough by itself, but expressing sympathy for the party — or, in reality, the criminal organization, as the government has declared — is beyond belief.” Read more »

‘Jews are Not As Secured in This Country as They Pretend to be’ says Foxman

Abe Foxman - ADLAbraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), met with the Ruderman Fellows Knesset Mission on Thursday.  During the meeting, Foxman – as well as several MKs – attempted to campaign for the release of longtime captive, Jonathan Pollard. Foxman maintained that the US’s motives in not releasing Pollard are suspect. “The only explanation I have is that it borders on anti-Semitism,” Foxman stated. “Today I have no rational explanation as to why he is still being held. “ Read more »

Greece – 13 ‘Golden Dawn’ Neo Nazi Members Face Potential Prosecution

Greece Neo Nazis Golden-Dawn Credit WikiGreece’s parliament removed immunity from another five lawmakers from the  neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. The move brings to 13 the number of Golden Dawn lawmakers facing prosecution  as part of Greece’s widespread crackdown on a party authorities describe as a  criminal organization.

Prosecutors have described  Golden Dawn as a structured organization  that operates along military lines, inspired by the ideals of national  socialism [Nazisim]. Read more »

‘United Monroe’ Boycotts Town Meeting on Kiryas Joel Annexation

kiryas joelMembers of United Monroe were refusing to go into a meeting held by Town of Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles. “There is no value in anything that should come out of this meeting,” said Chairwoman of United Monroe, Emily Convers.

She said they believe Doles has the interest of Kiryas Joel Joel over theirs. She said they’re protesting to stop the proposed 507 acre annexation. The Village of Kiryas Joel is looking to add property from the Town of Monroe. Read more »

Monsey – Thug Gets Only 2 Months Prison After Paintball Hate Attack

A Clarkstown man has been sentenced to two months in jail for a paintball shooting and hate crime attack in the orthodox village of Kaser. Shashi Ramsaroop also faces three years probation and a $250 surcharge after pleading guilty to the crime. Ramsaroop and two others were arrested last summer for shooting an orthodox Jewish man with a paintball gun while shouting ethnic slurs. Charges were dropped against the two other suspects. – News 12

Irland – Jewish Cabinet Minister Victim of Nazi Hoax

One or more anti-Semites sent a package of suspicious white powder and a photograph of Nazis to the home of Ireland’s Justice Minister Alan Shatter on Wednesday. Security officials raised an emergency alert, and a bomb squad arrived to investigate. Officials concluded the powder was harmless baking powder. Read more »

ADL: Attacks on Jews in NYC Tripled in 2013; Overall Anti-Semitic Incidents Declined

Knockout Game Violence22 Jews were assaulted in New York City in 2013, compared to six the year before according to the Anti-Defamation League.

“There’s not always a specific reason” for increases in anti-Jewish assaults, Evan Bernstein, the ADL’s New York Regional Director told the Daily News. “What we have seen in the past is that when things happen in Israel, for example, it could stir things up here. But that wasn’t the case last year.” Read more »

World Jewish Congress Executive Board Urges World Leaders To Combat Antisemitism

Photo credit: Serge Weinber/WJC

Photo credit: Serge Weinber/WJC

The situation of Jews in Ukraine, and in France; growing anti-Semitism in Europe; the boycott campaign against Israel; and the upcoming 20th anniversary of the AMIA center bombing in Argentina were among the topics discussed by the members of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Monday and Tuesday in the French capital Paris.

The Jewish leaders praised new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls for acting with determination against the anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné and backed as “entirely legitimate” measures to restrict free speech where it is deemed necessary by the local Jewish community to protect “citizens from the spread of anti-Semitic and racist incitement.” The meeting was chaired by WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. Read more »

New Mexico – Swastika Curved On Jewish Student’s Dorm Room At NM Uni. [Video]

swastika NMUA Jewish student at the University of New Mexico reported to the police about a Swastika scratched onto his dorm room door as he returned from Spring Break.

“One of our students returned back from spring break and discovered a swastika had been carved into his door,” UNM Dean of Students Tomas Aguirre told local ABC affiliate – KOAT TV. Read more »

Antwerp – Antisemitic Graffiti On Yeshiva Building Shocks Jewish Community


Antwerp, Belgium – Local Yeshiva students were shocked to discover Sunday morning antisemitic graffiti and the word ‘Hitler’ painted on the the outside of the Viznitz yeshiva in the Hasidic neighborhood of Antwerp.

Read more »

Likud Deputy Minister Meets With Belgium Right-Wingers And Anti-Semites

akunisOfir Akunis, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, met last week with a visiting delegation from an extremist right-wing party in Belgium that the Israeli embassy and the Jewish community are boycotting, Haaretz reported.

Heading the delegation from Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) was Filip Dewinter, a prominent member of the racist party with anti-Semitic elements, whose views have earned him the sobriquet “Belgium’s Jean-Marie Le Pen” according to Israeli Foreign Ministry sources. Read more »

NY Scammer Tries to Trick Holocaust Victims Into Handing Over Cash

Jews in HolocaustIn what is being called a “vile” and “obscene” scam, a suspected fraud artist has been targeting members of Canada’s Jewish community who were victims of the Holocaust. Letters delivered in Alberta and Ontario ask for the recipients’ personal information, telling them they are entitled to a share of $75-million from the Holocaust Claims Processing Office.

It says the money will be transferred to a “secure numbered account,” and asks for 60 per cent of the money as a fee. Scammers typically try to convince victims to pay “fees” in order to receive payoffs that never materialize. Read more »

Westchester Fire Chief Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Slur

photo by: judith ebenstein

photo by: judith ebenstein

Greenburgh, Weschester – Fairview Fire Chief Anthony LoGiudice apologized Friday to Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and the community for anti-Semitic remarks attributed to him in court papers. Greenburgh, a town on Weschester County, has a population of just under 90,000; about 10 percent of its residents are Jewish.

LoGiudice’s remarks were published last week in The Journal News’ Tax Watch column, which led to calls for an apology by Feiner and the Anti-Defamation League. According to a retired firefighter, LoGiudice referred to Feiner “quite a bit” as a “…sucking Jew bastard.” Read more »

Some Ukrainian Rabbi hit Back at Rabbi Berel Lazar

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has pitted Jewish leaders from both countries against each other, touching off a discordant exchange between prominent rabbis on opposite sides of the border.

The discord had been brewing since the onset of the protests in Ukraine in November, but it turned public earlier this month after Russia deployed its military in Crimea in response to what President Vladimir Putin claimed was a “rampage” of anti-Semitic and nationalist groups. Read more »

Houston Man Charged with Threatening to Bomb Synagogues

Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas announced today that a federal grand jury in Houston returned a six-count indictment charging Dante Phearse, 33, with calling in bomb threats to two Houston synagogues, a municipal courthouse, and a private business.

Phearse, of Houston, has been charged with two civil rights violations for threat of force with an explosive device against two synagogues, which allegedly obstructed members of the synagogues from enjoying the free exercise of their religious beliefs. Phearse is also charged with four counts of using an instrument of interstate commerce to communicate a threat to kill and injure people and destroy a building by means of an explosive device. Read more »

The Town Called ‘Jew Killer’

There is a town in Spain called Castrillo Matajudios, and in Colombia  “Matajudios” is a common surname. The problem is, in Spanish one meaning of the name is “Kills Jews.” Which has  led a Colombian emigre cashier in Argentina to attract the ire of a Jewish  organization there.

It all started when Adrian Marguiles, a customer at the Expoalimentos  supermarket in Argentina’s San Isidro district, discovered, upon reviewing his  receipt, that his cashier went by the name Ivan Matajudios. Read more »

Breaking: Sullivan County Board Of Elections Dismisses Challenged Hasidic Votes In Bloomingburg

rural heritageThe following is a statement by Rural Heritage Party of Mamakating:

“We are pleased that apparently the Sullivan county board of elections has issued their report that upholds the voter registration challenges made by Anita Hoppe with supporting affadvaits. We are confident therefore that the election will be decided in our favor and look forward to taking office on April 7th and restoring law and order to the village of Bloomingburg.” Read more »

‘Noxious’ Critic of Israel, Leaving Key U.N. Post

united-nations-IsraelThe United States welcomed the imminent departure of Richard Falk, a UN human  rights investigator for the Palestinian territories whom Washington accused of  being biased against Israel and spreading conspiracy theories about the  September 11, 2001 attacks.

Falk, the outgoing United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the  Palestinian territories, told a news conference as recently as last week that  Israeli policies bore “unacceptable characteristics of colonialism, apartheid  and ethnic cleansing. Read more »

Ukraine – Jewish Oligarch Running For President To Dismiss Myth Of Growing Anti-Semitism

via Wikimedia

via Wikimedia

Ukrainian Jewish oligarch Vadim Rabinovich announced his presidential candidacy in the upcoming elections for president of Ukraine, according to the Interfax news agency and translated by The Forward.

Rabinovich, president of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress and founder of the European Jewish Parliament, said that he was running to “destroy the myth about anti-Semitism in Ukraine.” Read more »

Russia’s Chief Rabbi: Anti-Circumcision Attempt Is Anti-Semitism

Putin LazarEuropean attempts to ban circumcision and ritual slaughter are outright antisemitism, Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar told attendees at a conference organized by the Rabbinical Center of Europe, according to a report by The Jerusalem Post.

Opponents of the rituals “are trying to fight Judaism,” Lazar said. “I’d even call them, sadly, anti-Semites.” Read more »

UK Minister: Britian Has One Of The Lowest Anti-Semitism In Europe

DAVID_WILLETTS.ashxThere’s a mistaken perception that Britain is “an unfriendly or hostile place” to Israel or Israelis, David Willetts, UK’s Minister for Universities and Science told Israeli and English academics at a visit to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Monday.

“[Boycotts] would be completely wrong, and there is no [U.K.] university that is boycotting Israel,” Willetts said. Read more »

UPDATED: Another Knockout Attack Reported on Hasidic Jew In Borough Park

knockout victim bpBoro Park, NY – A possible knockout game attack was reported early Tuesday morning, when a 65-year old grandfather, visiting from London for a relatives wedding, was attacked on McDonald Ave. near the intersection of 18th Avenue in Borough Park. The attack took place shortly past 2:30 am when the man left the wedding that took place in the Palace Hall located at 780 McDonald Ave.

Relatives of the victim told JP that two individuals walked up to him from behind and punched him in the head. He then fell to the ground and busted his face. The suspects fled the scene.

Read more »

Lookalike Swastika Symbols Covering Ave. K In Midwood

Some lookalike symbols of hate, which include spray-painted graffiti and swastika stickers, have been found in Midwood, Brooklyn News12 reports.

According to a live report, numerous neo-Nazi markings are covering walls and sidewalks along Avenue K, between East 12th and East 16th streets. Some residents say the images have been there since November, despite complaints, News12 reporter said.

Read more »

Jimmy Carter Speaks Out Against BDS

Jim CarterFormer US President Jimmy Carter told The Associated Press he doesn’t support the “boycott, divest, sanction” (BDS) campaign against Israel but says products made in the West Bank territories should be clearly labeled.

“We decided not to publicly endorse any kind of embargo, or so forth, against Israeli invasion, or occupying troops in Palestine,” Carter said in an interview of the decision by retired senior leaders known as the “Elders.” Read more »

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