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Rare 1,500-Year-Old Recovered Mosaic Displayed on Sukkot

09/29/2015 8:45 PM Updated: 1 week ago

A 1,500-year-old mosaic discovered nearly two years ago during an excavation in the Kiryat Gat Industrial Park was revealed to the public eye for the first

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Declassified CIA Report Shows U.S. ‘Caught By Surprise’ over Six-Day War

09/21/2015 3:43 PM Updated: 2 weeks ago

Fresh declassified CIA reports on Friday revealed how the U.S. intelligence community viewed the outbreak of the 1967 Six-Day War, while suggesting American officials were caught

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Israel Casts Makeshift Cairo Embassy as Buttress to Ties With Egypt

09/10/2015 7:12 AM Updated: 4 weeks ago

(Reuters). Israel has opened its new Cairo embassy inside its ambassador’s residence, saying on Thursday that holdups in finding separate premises as is customary had encumbered

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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Chief Gets New Life Term

08/23/2015 9:37 AM Updated: 1 month ago

(AFP). Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie, who has been sentenced to death, was handed another life term in prison Saturday for an attack on a police

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Egypt’s President Tells U.S. Jews Peace With Palestinians Would Reduce ME Terror

07/08/2015 5:56 PM Updated: 3 months ago

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi met on Monday with a group of representatives from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) to discuss the ongoing threat of terrorism

An Israeli army tank takes position along Israel's border with Egypt's North Sinai (seen in background) July 1, 2015.  REUTERS/Amir Cohen 0

ISIS in Sinai Claims Responsibility for Rockets Fired into Israel

07/04/2015 9:49 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(Reuters). Militants in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula fired rockets into southern Israel on Friday in an incident that caused no casualties but appeared to be linked to

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France Refuses Asylum Request by Wikileaks Founder Assange

07/03/2015 7:44 AM

(Reuters). France on Friday rejected a request for asylum by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been living for the past three years in Ecuador’s London

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Israel Accuses Hamas of Aiding Islamic State in Egypt

07/03/2015 7:13 AM Updated: 3 months ago

(Reuters). An Israeli general has accused members of Hamas in Gaza of providing support to militants linked to Islamic State in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, where the

Smoke rises in Egypt's North Sinai as seen from the border of southern Gaza Strip with Egypt 0

Egypt And Israel May Cooperate In Sinai Op Against ISIS

07/02/2015 3:16 PM Updated: 3 months ago

The common threat of ISIS has strengthened the ties between Israel and Egypt. Egypt and Israel signed a peace agreement in 1978, but military cooperation, even

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Egypt Cabinet Passes Anti-terror Law, Requests Faster Trials

07/01/2015 9:49 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(AFP). Egypt’s government adopted a controversial anti-terror law and requested a faster court appeals process on Wednesday, after the president pledged tougher laws following the assassination of

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Netanyahu Reaffirms Israel’s Bond with Egypt After Wave of Sinai Terror Attacks

07/01/2015 1:41 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(JNS). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel’s joint commitment to fighting terrorism with Egypt following a wave of Islamic State-affiliated terror attacks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

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Israel’s Foreign Ministry Director Visits Cairo for First Time in 4 Years

06/28/2015 3:56 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(Reuters). For the first time since 2011, the Foreign Ministry’s director-general, Dore Gold, visited Egypt on Sunday to discuss how to re-launch peace talks with the

A Palestinian child stands next to a bag as he waits to cross to Egypt at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip, on June 23, 2015 0

Egypt Opens Gaza Crossing for Third Time in A Month

06/23/2015 4:07 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(AFP). Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip Tuesday, a Palestinian official said, allowing the delivery of cement supplies into the badly destroyed

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Egypt Appoints New Ambassador After 3 Years

06/21/2015 4:37 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(Reuters). Egypt appointed its first ambassador to Israel since 2012 on Sunday, signalling improving ties between states that both see the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, an

French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius poses outside his office in Paris, France, May 22, 2015, prior to an interview with Reuters. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer 0

Fabius Promotes French Peace Initiative Ahead of Meeting with Netanyahu

06/20/2015 9:45 PM Updated: 3 months ago

(Reuters). French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned Israel and the Palestinians on Saturday that the stalemate in the peace process risked setting the conflict “ablaze” and

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Cement For Tunnels Smuggled Into Gaza After Egypt Opens Border

06/18/2015 4:03 PM Updated: 3 months ago

The war in Gaza last summer left 100,000 Gazans homeless. Billions of dollars have been pledged by foreign aid yet little has been done to alleviate

Palestinian policeman stands guard as a truck loaded with fruits and vegetables waits to cross into the Israeli side of the Kerem Shalom crossing in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip 0

Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing Into Gaza

06/13/2015 10:33 PM

(Reuters). Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing on Saturday to allow Palestinians to travel in and out of the Gaza Strip for the first time in

File photo of Palestinian members of the al-Qassam brigades standing guard as they wait for the arrival of Hamas chief Meshaal in the southern Gaza Strip 0

Egyptian Court Cancels Hamas Listing as Terrorist Org.

06/06/2015 9:59 PM Updated: 4 months ago

(Reuters). An Egyptian appeals court on Saturday canceled a ruling to list the Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organization, judicial sources said, signaling a possible

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Israeli Air Force Chief Unfazed Egypt May Get Russia’s S-300 Missiles

05/27/2015 5:04 PM

(Reuters). The chief of Israel’s air force on Wednesday played down worries voiced by some fellow officials about the possibility of Egypt acquiring advanced Russian-made air defenses. The Russian news

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Egyptian Journalist, Disguised as Jew, Harassed in Streets of Cairo

05/27/2015 11:09 AM Updated: 4 months ago

With the scourge of anti-Semitism taking place in many locations across the world, it has become an experiment for journalists to dress up with Jewish-looking clothing

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