U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens to remarks at a roundtable campaign event with small businesses in Cedar Falls 0

Clinton Emails Show Concern About Image After Benghazi

05/22/2015 4:30 PM Updated: 2 days ago

(Reuters). Top aides to former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fretted over how she would be portrayed after the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed the

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Walker: Next President Needs to Reinstate ‘Strong Allied’ U.S.-Israel Relationship

05/22/2015 10:33 AM Updated: 2 days ago

(JNS). Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, an expected Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race, said in an interview with Israel Hayom published Friday that the next president “needs to both symbolically

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Reform Jewish Movement to Host Presidential Forum In November

05/21/2015 10:51 AM Updated: 3 days ago

The marathon run on the road to the White House will not only drive by Israel and Vegas. On Thursday, the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) movement announced

Photo: Courtesy of PolitickerNJ 0

Christie Promises Elie Wiesel He’ll Be Israel’s Best Friend in WH

05/21/2015 12:12 AM Updated: 3 days ago

New Jersey Governor promised renowned Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel that he would be the biggest friend Israel has ever had if he occupies the White House

Photo Credit: Randee Daddona 0

Two Democrats Line Up to Challenge Rep. Zeldin in 2016

05/20/2015 6:27 PM Updated: 4 days ago

The only Jewish Republican in Congress, Rep. Lee Zeldin from New York’s 11th district, has just received a second challenger for the Congressional position in 2016’s

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Walker: Two-State Solution ‘A Long Way Off’

05/19/2015 7:02 PM Updated: 5 days ago

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought to sharpen his pro-Israel message and opposition to a two-state solution, after he was quoted as saying, following his 5-day trip

hillary takes qs 0

After 28 Days, Hillary Clinton Meets the Press, Briefly

05/19/2015 1:49 PM Updated: 5 days ago

After 28 days avoiding answering questions posed by reporters on the campaign trail, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave four minutes of her valuable time to

Lindsey Graham 1 0

Graham to Enter Race for President with Strong Jewish Backing

05/19/2015 12:29 PM

The road to the White house is full of gold mines. Every day another candidate throws their hat into the ring in the race for president

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron leaves 10 Downing Street  as he names his new cabinet, in central London, Britain 0

British Parliament Reconvenes after Cameron’s Victory

05/18/2015 3:16 PM Updated: 6 days ago

(AFP). British lawmakers appointed a speaker on Monday as they convened in the House of Commons for the first time since a general election that handed

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Christie Slams Obama’s ‘Flimsy’ Framework Nuclear Deal With Iran

05/18/2015 1:48 PM Updated: 6 days ago

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday criticized President Obama’s handling of nuclear talks with Iran, during a broad foreign policy speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham arrives to the "CBS This Morning" studios in Manhattan, New York 0

Lindsey Graham Says ‘I’m Running’ While Setting Official Announcement for June 1

05/18/2015 10:22 AM

(Reuters). U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a longtime Washington insider and critic of President Barack Obama‘s foreign policy, said he would announce on June 1 whether he will

Photo/Reuters 0

Paul Offers Clarity on Foreign Policy As GOP Hopefuls Stumble on Iraq War

05/17/2015 1:21 PM

Senator Rand Paul on Sunday added his voice to the debate on the Iraq war in 2003, as former Florida governor Jeb Bush is still trying

walker netanyahu 0

Fresh Off Israel Trip, Walker Echoes Netanyahu on 2-State Solution

05/17/2015 11:59 AM

Fresh off his return from his first trip to Israel, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told Republicans on Saturday that although he’s in line with U.S traditional

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Jewish Primary: Christie, Cruz to Mingle with Adelson In New York

05/15/2015 2:18 PM Updated: 1 week ago

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Ted Cruz are expected to mingle with GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, in what seems to be another mega event

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Former Senator Feingold Announces Rematch Against Wisconsin Sen. Johnson in 2016

05/14/2015 12:34 PM Updated: 1 week ago

Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold announced he will run to reclaim the U.S. Senate seat he lost five years ago to Republican Ron Johnson. In a


John Bolton Skips Presidential Run in 2016

05/14/2015 12:00 PM Updated: 1 week ago

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton announced on Thursday his decision not to run for president in 2016. “I have decided not to

martin O'malley 0

Several Candidates Announce Plans to Enter Race for President By End of May

05/14/2015 10:37 AM Updated: 1 week ago

A string of candidates are expected to formally launch their campaign for president of the Unite States by the end of the month. Former Maryland Governor


Rubio Says Conditions Don’t Exist To Support the Two-State Solution

05/13/2015 5:15 PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received Wednesday the backing of Florida Senator Marco Rubio in his present feud with the White house over his refusal to

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush takes questions at a town hall meeting in Reno 0

Jeb Bush, in Apparent Slip, Says ‘I’m Running for President’

05/13/2015 4:56 PM

(Reuters). Republican Jeb Bush appears to have unintentionally announced his candidacy for president in 2016 in a conversation with reporters on Wednesday that was caught on video. Speaking

bernie sanders 0

Poll: Sanders Inches Up As Clear, Though Long-shot, Alternative to Hillary

05/13/2015 3:42 PM

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is slowly but steadily gaining support among Democrats in his campaign to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party’s nomination die president

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