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‘Israel’ Sells like Hot Corn Dogs At Iowa GOP Presidential Summit

04/26/2015 6:32 PM

Israel seems to be the corn dog Republican presidential candidates are serving voters with in the 2016 race. Over the weekend, the words “Israel and “Iran

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Cameron Hits Back At Critics That His Reelection Bid Lacks ‘Passion’

04/26/2015 4:59 PM Updated: 13 hours ago

(AFP). British Prime Minister David Cameron hit back Sunday at critics who claim his re-election campaign lacks passion, insisting he has the will to win a

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Clinton Foundation Admits Making Mistakes on Taxes

04/26/2015 4:38 PM Updated: 13 hours ago

(Reuters). The Clinton Foundation’s acting chief executive admitted on Sunday that the charity had made mistakes on how it listed government donors on its tax returns

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NY11 – Donovan Fights Complacency As Special Election Campaign Enters Final Stretch

04/26/2015 3:34 PM Updated: 14 hours ago

Staten Island District Attorney and Republican congressional candidate, Dan Donovan sought to fight voters’ tranquility as the campaign for the vacant seat in NY’s 11th district


Pataki Talks Longstanding Jewish Ties As He Nears 2016 Announcement

04/26/2015 12:06 PM Updated: 18 hours ago

(Jacob Kamaras/JNS). From his childhood, to his time as mayor of his birthplace, to his three terms as governor of New York State, George Pataki fostered

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Obama At WHCD: ‘Boehner Has Invited Netanyahu to Speak At My Funeral’

04/26/2015 1:00 AM Updated: 1 day ago

(Reuters). At the gathering he jokingly called “a night when Washington celebrates itself,” U.S. President Barack Obama took light-hearted aim on Saturday at a range of

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Rand Paul To Meet Orthodox Jewish Leaders in Brooklyn on Monday

04/26/2015 12:41 AM Updated: 1 day ago

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate, Rand Paul is taking his outreach to Jewish voters and traditional Republican voters in Brooklyn, NY, on Monday, according to

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Cruz Touts Strong and Bipartisan Pro-Israel Record At RJC Gathering

04/25/2015 11:55 PM Updated: 1 day ago

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz sought to convince a rich and establishment audience that he is a viable and electable candidate by telling some jokes and

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VIDEO: Pataki Touts Pro-Israel Credentials at RJC Gathering in Vegas

04/25/2015 9:24 PM Updated: 1 day ago

Former New York Governor George Pataki wowed several hundred donors and political activists gathered Friday evening at the Republican Jewish Coalition leadership spring summit in Las

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Labour Leader Miliband Vows to End UK ‘Isolationism’

04/24/2015 4:39 PM Updated: 2 days ago

(AFP). British opposition leader Ed Miliband accused David Cameron’s government of “small-minded isolationism” in an election campaign speech Friday, but sparked a row after suggesting the

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Wasserman-Schultz: GOP Candidates Flocking To RJC For Purpose of ‘One-Man’ Outreach

04/24/2015 3:49 PM

DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Friday called out Republican presidential candidates for flocking to the Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting in Vegas

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Leaders Stick to Script in ‘Dreadful’ British Election Campaign

04/24/2015 2:41 PM Updated: 2 days ago

(AFP). Just a dozen pupils and a few journalists were allowed to witness British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to a London school this week. The

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Romney, Cruz Pile on Hillary Over Foreign Donations: ‘It Looks Like Bribery’

04/24/2015 1:20 PM Updated: 2 days ago

Mitt Romney, placing himself as a leading spokesperson for Republican causes ahead of the 2016 elections, lambasted Hillary Clinton in light of new allegations that the

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NY11 – Donovan’s Absence At Bay Ridge Debate Costs Him Potential Votes

04/24/2015 12:31 PM Updated: 2 days ago

At a debate held in Bay Ridge on April 22 the Republican candidate who has been seen as the person most likely to replace Michael Grimm

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Scottish National Party Candidate Calls on Netanyahu to Face War Crimes Trial

04/24/2015 11:47 AM Updated: 2 days ago

A candidate with the Scottish National Party (SNP), the third largest party in the United Kingdom, behind Labour and Conservative, said that Israel’s prime Minister should

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The Israel Factor – Dem Senatorial Candidates in Maryland Battle for Jewish Vote

04/24/2015 11:13 AM Updated: 2 days ago

The Jewish community in Maryland has two options for the 2016 Senate elections after Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulsk announced her retirement in 2017, Reps. Donna Edwards


In Speech To RJC Donors, Pataki To Urge GOP Presidential Candidates To Terminate Iran Deal

04/24/2015 10:26 AM Updated: 2 days ago

Former New York Governor George Pataki is expected to urge all presidential candidates to agree to terminate any nuclear deal President Obama signs with Iran if elected president, in

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Hillary Clinton Called to Testify to US Congress in May

04/23/2015 8:05 PM Updated: 3 days ago

(AFP). The congressional panel investigating the 2012 attacks on a US mission in Benghazi called on former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Thursday to testify

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Rand Paul Missed Most Foreign Relations Committee Hearings

04/23/2015 5:39 PM Updated: 3 days ago

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential elections, has skipped most Foreign Relations Committee hearings since 2014, according to a review of

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During Ramaz School Visit, Jeb Bush Lambasts ‘Very Naïve’ Iran Deal

04/23/2015 3:24 PM

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush slammed the Obama administration’s framework nuclear agreement with Iran as “very naïve” during a closed-door question-and-answer session with high school students at

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