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Poll: Netanyahu Continues To Lead Likud To Victory

Nothing has changed dramatically since the government passed the 3 controversial bills last week, other than Netanyahu continues to be leading into a 4th term and Labor’s leader Isaac Herzog is establishing himself as a candidate for prime Minister, according to the latest poll conducted by Panels Politics and commissioned by The Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew-language sister publication Sof Hashavua.

If Knesset elections were to be held today, Likud Beitenu would maintain its edge with 34 projected seats while the Labor Party would boost its representation in the 120-seat Knesset from 15 to 19 seat.

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Turx: Bunch of Reasons Why 2013 Was Significantly Worse Than You Thought

2013 bad yearThe year 2013 had more problems that the Chinese knockoff version of the Obamacare website, trying to be accessed through a BlackBerry device, in North Korea, during one of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drunken stupors. You wanna know how bad 2013 was? Let’s put it this way: Remember how we were all assured that the world was going to end in 2011? Twice? And how we were guaranteed that it was gonna end in 2012? Well, 2013 was such a bad year, that not only was there no need for official notifications of apocalyptic proportions, but professional-doomsday-foreseer Harold Camping himself died this year! Read more »

Full Video: Chris Matthews Interviews Obama on ‘Hardball’

Brooklyn Video – Hikind On Fox News: ‘Knockout’ Attacks Created Fear Among Jews In NYC

VIDEO: Former Pres. Bush 43 on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

George Bush Jay Leno November 19 2013Via The Wrap: Former President George W. Bush blessed the “Tonight Show” couch for one last time to wish host Jay Leno the best as he winds down his tenure (again) on the NBC late night talk show.

The audience was treated to good conversation, some solid jokes — almost exclusively from Bush — and even a surprise visit from former First Lady Laura Bush, who discussed her husband’s health scare.

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Hayon on Greenfield: A Councilman Should Serve the Constituents, Not Vise Versa

joseph hayonIn an blistering interview in the Yiddish language newspaper “Di Tzeitung – News Report”, Joseph Hayon the longshot Republican candidate running for city council in the 44th district against councilman David Greenfield, touted his qualifications for the job and hammered Greenfield for not being there enough for the community.

He named his experience as a school teacher, a tuition paying father of three, and a customer service specialist for a small business as qualifications which gives him a broad understanding of the needs and the hardships of this community.

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AUDIO: Exclusive Interview With London’s Boris Johnson

Exclusive Interview: London’s Johnson Has no Plans for the 2015 Elections

Boris JohnsonLondon’s Mayor Boris Johnson has no plans to run as Conservative Leader in 2015. Instead, he says he will stay in office to the end of the current term which runs well into 2016:

Said Johnson in an exclusive interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com: “I have no such plans [to run for the leadership of the Conservatives]. I am working flat out now to get the Olympic legacy delivered here in London. I wan to make sure we get the benefit of all the billions we put into the games… I am staying Mayor for the rest of my mayoral term.” Read more »

Exclusive Interview: London’s Johnson Pledges to ‘Come Down Very Hard’ on Muslims Harassing Gays

Boris JohnsonIn an exclusive interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson pledged to come down hard on the people who harassed gays in London in the now infamous videos that circulated on the internet a month ago.

Mr. Johnson argues that the overall growth of the Muslim Community in London is not a problem to anyone but “I was concerned when I saw the report. I didn’t actually see the video but I saw several reports about these alleged incidences and I have taken it up with the Police. The people we are talking about are a group of extremists called Muslims Against the Crusade. By any stretch of the imagination they do not represent the majority of Muslims in London. We are determined to come down on them very hard. They are preaching doctrines of intolerance that we found absolutely unacceptable in London today.”

AUDIO: A Rare Radio Discussion About Jewish Political Blogs

Our Editor, Yossi Gestetner and one of our own contributor’s, Jacob Kornbluh discuss the influence Jewish political blogs might have on local races in NY State, and in the long run – for the accountability of our elected officials, on ‘Let’s Talk Tachlis’ radio Show 08-21-2012:


EXCLUSIVE Interview: Malcolm Smith Discusses Path to NYC Mayor 2013 Run

NY Dem State Senator Malcolm Smith spoke exclusively with Gestetner Updates regarding the recent news of his potential NYC Mayoral race in 2013 as a Republican. Read more »

Audio: Exclusive Interview with Dan Halloran NY6 GOP Candidate

In Exclusive Friday Interview, Dan Halloran Sees Lancman as Toughest Opponent in NY6

Hours before NYC Councilman Dan Halloran released to the public that he will undergo surgery for a tumor, he kept his schedule for an exclusive interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com to discuss his run for New York’s Sixth Congressional District on the GOP and Conservative lines.

The race has generated a lot of public interest due to the three-way Primary on the Democratic side and the huge number of Jewish voters in the district. “All three of the major Democrats running, says Halloran, are in-line Obama Democrats. They have not bumped their party. They have followed down the line on all the issues that are important to the Communities.” Read more »

AUDIO: Exclusive Interview: Mayor Johnson’s Assembly Ally Says Livingstone Being ‘Insulting’ to Jews Helped Mayor

Andrew Boff, a leading Conservative Party Member in the London Assembly and close ally to Mayor Johnson tells GestetnerUpdates in an exclusive interview that former London Mayor Ken Livingstone‘s approach to Jews helped the sitting mayor in today’s elections.

Boff says Livingstone was not able to capitalize on the dissatisfaction voters have with the Conservative Party (of which Mayor Johnson is a member) because Livingstone “is a very divisive figure. He is trying to play ethnic politics too much and he can be quite insulting for example to the Jewish Community in London who is a very large part of the electorate… I think people have responded to that.”

Boff also said in the interview that Livingstone “has been particularly insulting – I don’t want to say Anti-Semitic, but not sensitive – to the different cultures in London. You have to be sensitive to all cultures in a job like that.”

AUDIO: West : ‘Only Egomaniacal Person’ Would Actively Seek VP Slot

Congressman Allen West tells in an exclusive interview, that “you don’t actively go seek something like that [VP seat]. That is something what an egomaniacal person would do. I have a job as a congressional representative. If someone were to come to me asking to take that role, [then] that’s something I’ll have to pray about; talk with my family about; and with some other close people we have as friends and advisors, and then we will make the best decision for our country.”

AUDIO of Exclusive Interview: Congressman West Says its Time for Military Action on Iran

In an exclusive interview today with, Congressman Allen West was asked “would you support an overt military strike by the United States at this time?” His answer: “There comes a time when you have exhausted your diplomatic solutions and I see that happening.” When pressed if he thinks we have indeed exhausted all the options, Col. West said, “in my assessment yes. I would like to sit down with Netanyahu to have a classified intelligence sharing briefing and that could solidify my assessment.”

Audio: Exclusive Interview with Joe the Plumber

Part Two

Exclusive Interview: Joe the Plumber Agitated that Jewish Paper Backs Opponent Who Signed Pro-Palestinian Letter

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, tells in an exclusive interview that he “does not understand” why the Jewish Week backs Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D) in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District where Wurzelbacher himself is running on the Republican line.

Kaptur was one of 54 lawmakers to pen a pro-Palestinian letter to President Obama in early 2010. Read more »

Audio: Interview with NYS Conservative Party Chairman 02/21/12

Exclusive: NYS Conservative Party Chairman Lets Loose in Gestetner Updates Interview

Michael Long

Michael Long, the Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, gave today an exclusive interview for GestetnerUpdates.Com. Here is his take on some issues:

On the state of the NYS Republican Party: I think they would be more effective if they stood for a set of principles… I don’t think New Yorker’s know what they stand for. Over the years they voted for increased taxes and voted on the wrong side of social issues, and therefore ruined their own reputation.

On the GOP 20102 Race: I still believe Romney will be the nominee… Registered Conservatives here in New York would be more in favor of Rick Santorum than for Mitt Romney… [But] NY Conservatives would rally to help Romney defeat Obama… Read more »

Exclusive Interview: Gary Bauer Says he is NOT Against Romney; Prays Paul is Not Nominee

“Governor Romney is probably still the front-runner,” says former presidential candidate and social conservative leader Gary Bauer in an exclusive interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com, “but certainly Senator Santorum is making it a race. I am reasonably optimistic that when all is set and done he could emerge as the nominee. Read more »

Audio: Weprin Not Happy With Redistricting; Says Governor Serious About Veto

Audio: Weprin Backs Liu for Another Comptroller Run; Leaves Option Open If Liu Drops Out

Audio: Weprin Blames ‘Dissidents’ and ‘Trouble Makers’ for Destroying his NY9 Chances

In an exclusive interview with, NYS Assemblyman David Weprin says that loud mouth “dissidents” and vocal “trouble makers” in the Orthodox Community distorted his record and statements, and thus undercut his chances in the NY9 Special Election.

Weprin also noted that he provided “millions of dollars” in funding for Orthodox Jewish organizations to help the poor and the Yeshivas (but apparently didn’t matter in the face of the dissidents).

Press Read More to listen to the audio: Read more »

Fidler Interview: ‘Most NY9 Factors Not Present in My NY Senate Race’

NYC Councilman and NY State Senate candidate Lewis Fidler did not want to speculate in an interview with GestetnerUpdates.Com exactly why NY Assemblyman David Weprin lost the NY9 elections back in mid-September. However, many issues that were at play in NY9 such as Israel and Obama in general, “are not present in my Senate race,” says Fidler. Besides, many Democrats who supported Turner “are supporting Lue Fidler in this race,” said the candidate as in a third person.

When pressed on how he would respond if his opponents would indeed try to push the Obama-Israel issue into this race, Fidler said: “I am an independent Democrat. I speak my mind. I am not a big fan of [all what] my President has done in the Middle East. Not all good; not all bad. But I have a very strong pro-Israel record of my own… My position is that the United State is obligated to support any reasonable position that Government of Israel takes. I think to expect Israel to go back to 1967 borders is absurd… Let them make Israel an issue. I guarantee you, my support for Israel over the years is longer-standing and greater than my opponent’s.”

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