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President Signs into Law Cruz Bill on No-Terrorist-Ambassadors

On Friday, in a rare moment in Washington politics, President Barack Obama signed into law Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill to deny U.S. visas to U.N. ambassadors who are known terrorists, such as Iran’s recent nominee Hamid Aboutalebi, a participant in the 1979 taking of American hostages in Tehran.

But while he signed the law, the president noted he still considers the law “advisory.”

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GOP Darling, Rand Paul: US Shouldn’t Rule Out ‘Containment’ Of Nuclear Iran [Video]

Sen. Rand Paul (R) Kentucky told ABC News’ Jon Karl on Sunday that when it comes to the Iranian nuclear program, “all options should be on the table” and the United States shouldn’t rule out containment of a nuclear Iran.

“They said containment will never ever, ever be our policy. We woke up one day and Pakistan had nuclear weapons. If that would have been our policy toward Pakistan, we would be at war with Pakistan. We woke up one day and China had nuclear weapons. We woke up one day and Russia had them,” Paul told ABC News. Read more »

Congress Passes Bill Denying Iranian Ambassador from Entering US; Awaits Presidents Signature

Iran Hotsage CrisisThe House on Thursday passed a bill that would deny Iran’s choice for ambassador to the United Nations from entering the United States.

Congress unanimously approved the legislation on Thursday by voice vote, four days after a similar vote in the Senate. The unusually quick action underscored the strong bipartisan opposition to Iran’s choice.  Read more »

Dem Strategist Sheinkopf: ‘Naive’ Obama Helpless On Iranian Nuclear Threat

Obama CryingPresident Barack Obama’s negotiated deal with Iran cannot work, according to NY Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf. “He’s not thinking. He actually believes that if you talk nicely to people who want to kill you, they will stop,” Sheinkopf, who worked with president Clinton, told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“The problem is when a man has a gun, you use a gun. And I’m not suggesting you go to war, what I am suggesting is that you do the duty that you swore to do, which is to protect the citizens of this nation from external and internal threat. He’s not done that,” Sheinkopf said. Read more »

Rubio: Obama’s Foreign Policy Standing Has Made America ‘Less Safe’ [Video]

rubio-waterSen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned Wednesday that the United States is less safe today than when President Obama took office. “I think on the issues of national security around the world, we are less safe today than we were when President Obama took office,” Rubio told Fox News Wednesday.

“In Asia our allies are increasingly unsure about our ability to counter both North Korea and Chinese expansionism. In Europe you’ve begun to see real tests of the NATO alliance given Russia’s aggressiveness. In Latin America you’ve seen the retreat of Democratic order,” Rubio noted. Read more »

WH: Iran’s Choice for U.N. Ambassador ‘Not Viable’

Iran RevolutionWhite House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday that the United States does not welcome Iran’s choice of Hamid Abutalebi as its new United Nations ambassador, saying officials had told Tehran that the selection was “not viable.”

But he stopped short of saying Abutalebi would be barred from entering the United States because of his alleged role in the 1979-1981 hostage crisis, during which radical Iranian students held U.S. Embassy staff for 444 days. Read more »

Kerry: Administration Would Need Congressional Approval of Iran Deal [Video]

2009-09-01-johnkerrybeardSecretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee Tuesday that the Obama administration is “obligated under the law” to earn congressional approval of any nuclear deal with Iran in order for congressionally-imposed economic sanctions to be lifted.

“Does the administration intend to come back to the congress, if you have a final deal [with Iran], for ultimately lifting some of the [sanctions] elements that would be needed to be lifted under law?” Senator Rob Menendez (D-NJ) asked Sec. Kerry during the hearing. Read more »

Iran Responds to Rick Santorum for Comparing Them to Nazi Germany

Hamid Babaei, Iran’s spokesman at the United Nations, used the phrase “patently absurd” to describe an article published by former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum and best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg, equating Iran with Nazi Germany before the Holocaust. Babaei, according to Iran’s semi-official state news agency Mehr on Monday, insisted that “Iran had never attacked its neighbors for almost 250 years.” Read more »

In Rare Bi-Partisan Moment, Senate Passes Ted Cruz’s Iran/UN Bill

Ted Cruz OddIn a rare bi-partisan moment, considering the sponsor of the bill, the Senate passed Monday legislation introduced by Republican Senator Ted Cruz to give the Obama administration more leeway to prevent terrorists from representing countries at the United Nations.

The legislation, which passed unanimously, targets Iranian terrorist Hamid Aboutalebi, who has been named by the Iranian regime as their UN ambassador.

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Cruz Introduces Bill to Prevent Terrorists From Serving As UN Ambassadors [Video]

Ted Cruz and BibiU.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, introduced this week legislation, S. 2195, to prevent known terrorists from obtaining visas to enter the United States as ambassadors to the United Nations.

“It is unconscionable that, in the name of international diplomatic protocol, the United States would be forced to host a foreign national who showed a brutal disregard for the status of our diplomats when they were stationed in his country,” Sen. Cruz said on the Senate floor.

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Dempsey: Israel Believes US Will Strike Iran If Necessary

General Martin DempseyIsrael and the United States are now in broad agreement about the threat that Iran poses to the region and how to deal with it, the top US military official told Defense News on Tuesday.

“I think they are satisfied that we have the capability to use a military option if the Iranians choose to stray off the diplomatic path,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said of Israeli officials. “I think they are satisfied we have the capability. I think they believe we will use it.”

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Senators Outraged Over Iran Choice for UN Ambassador, Seek Change in Law

IRAN-POLITICS-ANNIVERSARYU.S. Senators said on Tuesday they were concerned about Iran’s selection of a U.N. envoy linked to the 1979-1981 hostage crisis, and called on the Obama administration to do what it can to prevent him from taking up the post in New York.

“That really has got to be a serious question, as to whether or not the State Department gives … a visa to him,” Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Reuters. Read more »

Rand Paul Claims 2012 Comment On Hitler/WWII Was ‘Taken Out Of Context’

Rand PaulA top adviser to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed Monday that the Kentucky Senator’s comments, in 2012, that US sanctions against Japan and Nazi Germany might have contributed to their aggression, were taken out of context.

“There are times when sanctions have made it worse,” Paul said. “Leading up to World War II, we cut off trade with Japan. That probably caused Japan to react angrily. We also had a blockade on Germany after World War I that probably encouraged some of their anger,” Pail said in a 2012 video published Sunday by The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Read more »

Iran’s Jewish Chief Rabbi, Chacham Yosef Hamadani, Passed Away

hamadaniIran’s Chief Rabbi, Chacham Rabbi Yosef Hamadani Cohen died over Shabbos, according to Jewish sources in Iran.

Rabbi Hamadani was the chief Rabbi of the Iranian community since 1994.

In August 2000, he met with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami for the first time.[2] In 2003, Cohen and Member of Parliament Morris Motamed met with Khatami at Yusef Abad Synagogue which was the first time a President of Iran had visited a synagogue since the Islamic Revolution. For the event, Cohen led the opening the Torah scroll ark and the reciting of prayers.

Schumer And Nadler Reaffirm US Commitment In Stopping Iran

cojo of flatbush 036Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler reaffirmed their hawkish foreign policy credentials at a Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush breakfast on Sunday.

“The greatest threat to Israel is now possible. And that is a nuclear Iran,” said Schumer. “We must do everything we can–I know Congressman Nadler joins me in this–we must do everything we can in any way possible to avoid a nuclear Iran. And we will be leading the charge to make sure that the Iranians know that they will not go nuclear or face the most severe of consequences.” Read more »

Netanyahu Allocates $3B for Iran Attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon have reportedly ordered the military to continue preparing for a possible strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Three Knesset members who were present at Knesset joint committee hearings on Israel Defense Forces plans said that at least 10 billion shekels ($2.89 billion) of the defense budget would be allocated this year for preparations for the strike on Iran, Haaretz reported.

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U.S., Britain Call for a UN Investigate Into Iranian Weapons Ship

united-nations-IsraelUN officials have said that if Israel’s claims are true, Iran would be in violation of Security Council sanctions. U.S. deputy ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo urged the Security Council committee that monitors sanctions against Iran to investigate the incident. She said “the committee should be prepared to impose real consequences, such as possible sanctions designations on those responsible,” reported AP.

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant called for a similar investigation, saying Israel’s claim is “deeply worrying.” Read more »

Netanyahu Reveals 20-Yr Mystery: 8 Iranian Jews Were Murdered On Their Way To Israel



The Mossad brought an end to the 2-decades mystery surrounding the disappearance of of 8 Iranian Jews who went missing in the 1990′s, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on Thursday.

The families of eight out of eleven Iranian Jews who went missing while attempting to escape Iran and emigrate to Israel in 1994, received notifications from the Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center that their relatives were murdered. Read more »

Israel’s Def Minister Ya’alon Apologizes to Hagel: I Did Not Intend to Insult the U.S.

Moshe Ya'alonDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon spoke to U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday evening and clarified that his remarks regarding the “soft” approach of the West toward the possibility of a nuclear Iran were not meant to insult the United States.

A statement from Ya’alon’s office said that in a telephone conversation with Hagel, Ya’alon said that “there was no intent to criticize or hurt the United States or our relationship” according to Arutz Sheva. Read more »

Russia Warns West It May Change Stance on Iran, in Retaliation Over Sanctions

Geneva Iran talksRussia reportedly is prepared to change its stand on Iran nuclear talks in a high-stakes gamble to counter expanded sanctions by the United States and the European Union over Crimea.

After the Obama administration on Monday hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions — a move criticized by Republican lawmakers as too timid — Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was quoted Wednesday by the Interfax news agency as saying the country may have to alter its position on the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, Fox News reports.  Read more »

Romney Hits Obama’s ‘Painful’ Foreign Policy Outcome

Mitt Romney took a shot at President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine and the administration’s failing foreign policy in general, in a stinging new op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

“Why are there no good choices? From Crimea to North Korea, from Syria to Egypt, and from Iraq to Afghanistan, America apparently has no good options,” writes Romney. “If possession is nine-tenths of the law, Russia owns Crimea and all we can do is sanction and disinvite—and wring our hands.”

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Israel’s Def. Minister Ya’alon: Obama Wants to Pass On Iran Issue To Successor

yaalon watching iran vessel siezureDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon blamed Monday the United States for failing to stop the Iranian nuclear program, indicating he now leans toward supporting unilateral Israeli action against Iran, Haaretz’s Barak Ravid reports.

“We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran is the United States,” said Ya’alon during an event at Tel Aviv University. “But at some stage the United States entered into negotiations with them, and unhappily, when it comes to negotiating at a Persian bazaar, the Iranians were better.” Read more »

82 Senators Sign AIPAC Letter To Obama On Iran; Rand Paul Refused To Sign

Schumer at AIPAC 2014A significant majority of 82 US Senate members (41 Republicans and 41 Democrats) have signed a letter to US President Barack Obama outlining terms of a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program they would find acceptable.

The letter was first announced at AIPAC’s annual policy conference. The letter sets out the principles that should be embodied in a final deal including: no right for Iran to enrich uranium; dismantling Iran’s nuclear weapons program and preventing it “from ever having a uranium or plutonium path to a nuclear bomb.” If the terms aren’t met, the senators, many of whom supported the Menendez-Kirk sanctions bill, warn they would demand a resumption of sanctions. Read more »

Iran ‘Strongly Condemns’ Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Strip

gaza attackIran has strongly condemned the latest Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, saying that such attacks illustrate the Tel Aviv regime’s desperation in the face of the anti-Israel resistance front.

“There is no doubt that the Zionist terrorists’ move will strengthen the resolve of the Palestinian nation in the all-out resistance in order to liberate all occupied (Palestinian) lands and reject the mirage of West’s reconciliation,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said on Thursday, Iran’s Press TV reports. Read more »

WH Condemns Iranian Weapons Shipments to Terror Groups

idf iran ship #6Iran’s attempt to ship arms to Gaza on the captured ship Klos C was strongly condemned by the White house on Monday night.

“We condemn in the strongest terms Iran’s effort to supply terrorist organizations operating in the region with weaponry,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney, whose statement was posted on Facebook by U.S. ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, Haaretz reported. Read more »

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