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Raskin’s Kosher Fish Market Comes In First For Brooklyn Businesses

03/31/2015 5:44 PM Updated: 1 hour ago

Brooklyn Brackets recently held a competition to gauge what neighborhood institutions Brooklynites preferred. Raskin’s kosher fish market came in first after four rounds of voting, beating

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Mayor de Blasio Remains Skeptical About Netanyahu’s Commitment to Peace

03/31/2015 5:08 PM Updated: 1 hour ago

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, a staunch supporter of the State of Israel, once again questioned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to pursue a peaceful


Sara Netanyahu Donates 500,000 NIS to Lone Soldiers

03/31/2015 4:55 PM Updated: 1 hour ago

Sara Netanyahu was the focus of much negative attention during the recent election campaign, so it would be fitting to recognize the good she does as

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Colel Chabad Hosts Bar Mitzvah for Over 100 Orphans

03/31/2015 4:17 PM Updated: 2 hours ago

On Monday, Colel Chabad brought 113 orphaned boys to Jerusalem to celebrate their Bar Mitzva together, including a ceremony at the Western Wall followed by a

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Exodus to Spain? 2.2M Sephardi Jews Offered Citizenship

03/31/2015 4:02 PM Updated: 2 hours ago

On March 31, 1492, The Edict of Expulsion, issued by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, went into effect in Spain, forcing an estimated 800,000 Jews to

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Coalition Talks: Bayit Yehudi Continues to Flex Its Muscles Vs. Likud

03/31/2015 3:33 PM Updated: 3 hours ago

After several days in which there were no negotiating sessions, coalition talks were held between the negotiating teams of the Jewish Home party and Likud. The

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Kulanu Demands Veto Power on Spending, Third Portfolio

03/31/2015 3:11 PM Updated: 3 hours ago

The coalition negotiating team of Kulanu has demanded that all budgetary commitments in future coalition negotiations for all parties within the framework of the emerging coalition

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Defense Minister Yaalon Bakes Matzo at Kfar Chabad, Prays in Rebbe’s Room

03/31/2015 2:47 PM Updated: 3 hours ago

The evening of the eleventh of Nissan, 113 years since the birth of the Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and in the critical hours of the closing

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RJC’S Brooks: GOP Welcomes Jewish Americans to Party

03/31/2015 12:54 PM Updated: 5 hours ago

Matt Brooks, the Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, is calling on American Jewish Democrats that are upset with their party’s handling of Israel, to

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Netanyahu: Iran Deal Will Allow Breakout in Less Than A Year

03/31/2015 12:22 PM Updated: 6 hours ago

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday insisted that the framework Iranian nuclear agreement being sought by international negotiators in n Lausanne will leave Iran with

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Shas and UTJ Close to Coalition Agreement with Likud

03/31/2015 11:14 AM

MK Yariv Levin, a leader of the negotiating team of the Likud, said on Tuesday that the coalition negotiations with Shas and United Torah Judaism are

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Palestinians May Have To Wait For Their Day In Court With Israel

03/31/2015 9:59 AM

(Reuters). Palestine will raise the stakes in a legal battle with Israel on Wednesday when it joins the International Criminal Court, but any case over alleged


WATCH LIVE: 20th Knesset Swearing In Ceremony

03/31/2015 8:30 AM Updated: 10 hours ago
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Hamas, Islamic Jihad Slam Abbas For Urging Arab Intervention in Gaza

03/31/2015 8:11 AM Updated: 10 hours ago

(JNS). Leaders from the Palestinian terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad slammed Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas for purportedly suggesting that Arab states intervene in

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Netanyahu’s Approval Underwater – In the United States

03/31/2015 7:08 AM

Benjamin Netanyahu may have captured the hearts of many Israelis in Israel’s elections earlier this month, by seeding fear about a looming bad deal with Iran.

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Russian Jewish Businessmen to Travel Across Israeli Desert on Pilgrim Journey

03/30/2015 11:56 PM

Some 20 Jewish Russian businessmen will participate in a four-day pilgrimage across the Arabah desert in Southern Israel, coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Passover. This

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Shas Readying For Mass Gathering on Chol Hamoed

03/30/2015 11:54 PM

In case you are searching for an uplifting family event on Chol Hamoed, Shas has the answer. This is not a political event. The elections are


Poll: 62% of Americans Want Congress to Have Final Say on Iran Deal

03/30/2015 7:42 PM Updated: 23 hours ago

As talks between world powers and Iran enter critical day of deadline for a nuclear deal, a new poll published Monday showed a plurality of Americans

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Yachad Spiritual Leader Rav Mazuz Calls on People to Come Forward About Voting Fraud

03/30/2015 3:53 PM Updated: 1 day ago

MK Eli Yishai visited last Shabbat at the home of Baruch Marzel, his former party mate, in Hebron along with party supporters. After morning prayers at

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Hackers Promise ‘Electronic Holocaust’ in Israel on April 7

03/30/2015 3:34 PM Updated: 1 day ago

For the third consecutive year, hackers are promising an “electronic Holocaust” against Israeli websites, credit cards, and email accounts. Experts say that Israelis could expect to

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