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Netanyahu Says Israel’s Relationship With Russia is Good

10/04/2015 8:56 AM Updated: 1 day ago

(Reuters). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel wants to avoid an adversarial relationship with Moscow and is unsure how Russia’s recent military intervention in Syria

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77 Palestinians Wounded By Live, Rubber Bullets

10/04/2015 8:24 AM

(AFP). Clashes with Israeli security forces and Jewish settlers have left 77 Palestinians wounded from both live rounds and rubber bullets over the past 24 hours,

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Israel Bars Palestinians From Jerusalem Old City After Attacks

10/04/2015 8:20 AM Updated: 1 day ago

(AFP). Israel took the rare and drastic step of barring Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday as tensions mounted following attacks that killed two Israelis

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Rep. Dan Donovan Talks Journey to Israel on Community Matters

10/03/2015 11:00 PM Updated: 2 days ago

It’s one thing to read about Israel. It’s quite different to visit. Congressman Dan Donovan made a special appearance on Community Matters, a radio show on

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Israeli Teenager Critically Wounded In Wave Of Terrorist Attacks

10/03/2015 10:49 PM Updated: 2 days ago

A 15-year-old Jewish boy is reportedly in moderate to serious condition after becoming the victim of a stabbing at a Jerusalem gas station Sunday morning, according

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Palestinian Stabbing Rampage Leaves Two Dead, Baby Injured in Jerusalem

10/03/2015 10:10 PM Updated: 2 days ago

(Reuters) A Palestinian man stabbed and killed two people in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday before police shot him dead, officers said, amid an uptick in violence


Israel Strikes Back After Palestinian Gunmen Murder Jewish Couple

10/02/2015 5:05 PM Updated: 3 days ago

Following the killing of an Israeli couple in the West Bank, Israel has released hundreds of troops to hunt down the Palestinian gunmen who brutally murdered the Israeli

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Thousands Gather to Mourn Death of Israeli Couple

10/02/2015 12:00 PM Updated: 3 days ago

Roughly 10,000 people gathered on Friday to mourn the passing of Rabbi Eitam and Na’ama Henkin, a couple whose lives were taken in a terrorist attack in Itamar on Thursday. The

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Israeli Man Fatally Crushed After Falling From Elevator in Brooklyn

10/02/2015 11:35 AM Updated: 3 days ago

A 37-year-old Jewish man died after falling from an elevator in a upscale building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Friday morning. Eran Modan, who lived in Queens and is an

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Israel Removes Officer After Assault on journalists

10/01/2015 8:22 PM Updated: 4 days ago

(AFP). Israel’s military on Thursday removed from duty an officer in charge when two AFP journalists were assaulted by soldiers while covering clashes in the occupied

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Israel mulls authorising wildcat West Bank settlements

10/01/2015 7:58 PM Updated: 4 days ago

(AFP). Israel is considering authorising wildcat settlement outposts in the West Bank near a village where a firebombing killed an 18-month-old Palestinian boy and his parents,

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White House Refuses To Offer A Stance On A Palestinian State

10/01/2015 6:00 PM Updated: 4 days ago

The war between the Palestinian people and Israel is no secret, as they both claim they have a right to the Holy Land. While Boycott, Divestment

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Netanyahu Meets with Senior EU Ambassador Federica Mogherini

10/01/2015 5:30 PM Updated: 4 days ago

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Police Federica Mogherini on Wednesday evening to express his distaste with

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Terrorist Shooting in Itamar Leaves Couple Dead in Front of Children

10/01/2015 3:24 PM Updated: 4 days ago

An Arab shooting took place on Thursday evening in Itamar, Israel that left the parents of four children dead. An Arutz Sheva report claims that the couple,

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Netanyahu to Iran: ‘Your Plan to Destroy Israel will Fail’

10/01/2015 2:15 PM Updated: 4 days ago

In a world where Russian airstrikes are sweeping into Syria, and where Israel faces consistent nuclear threats from Iran, the Middle East remains a region of frantic

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Teva to Buy Mexico’s Rimsa for $2.3 bln

10/01/2015 1:23 PM Updated: 4 days ago

(AFP) – Generic drug giant Teva said Thursday it will acquire Mexican company Representaciones e Investigaciones Medicas (Rimsa) for $2.3 billion to strengthen its presence in

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Israel to Free Hunger-Strike Palestinian

10/01/2015 8:26 AM Updated: 4 days ago

(AFP). A Palestinian suspected militant who survived a two-month hunger strike will be released in November after being held by Israel for a year without trial,

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Israel Undermines U.S. Peace Effort, Palestinian Abbas Tells U.N.

09/30/2015 7:04 PM Updated: 5 days ago

(Reuters). Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday accused Israel of sabotaging U.S. efforts to broker peace and said that Israeli security operations at the Al-Aqsa mosque

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Mahmoud Abbas Only Complicates Things in the Middle East

09/30/2015 6:00 PM Updated: 5 days ago

Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s much-anticipated U.N. General Assembly speech was so dauntingly dull that I – like many viewers – were wondering if and when

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DOT Confirms Kuwait Airways Discriminated Against Israeli Fliers

09/30/2015 4:30 PM Updated: 5 days ago

New York Sen. Charles Schumer announced today that, following his call for an investigation into the matter, the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has confirmed that

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